Reports and correspondence regarding patrolling and reconnaissance

Place Asia: Borneo
Accession Number AWM2017.7.152
Collection number 3DRL/6502
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 40
Object type Papers
Physical description 130 Image/s captured
Maker Harrisson, Tom Harnett
Place made Borneo
Date made 1945
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Records relating to the service of Major Tom H. Harrisson, DSO Reconnaissance Corps, British Army. Harrisson was seconded to Z Special Unit, Services Reconnaissance Department and served in Borneo as party leader on Operation Semut 1 during the Second World War. This file mainly consists of sketch map, reports and correspondence regarding patrolling and reconnaissance. Collection includes correspondence from Sgt Charles Frederick Sanderson, Capt Alfred Blondeel (code B2 and B3), Francis Leckie (code L1 and L2), Cpl Charles Hardy (code H9), Lt Jeffery Westley (code W3) and WOI Roderick Cusack (code C3 and C4).
This file includes:
Sketch map to Tuan Besar headed APP I showing tracks, rivers, kampongs between Bole and Iburu and travel times, undated
Note in Malay, Long [Berang], 22 July 1945
Note from Chong to Tuan Besar headed Stock Checking on 29.7.45 listing medical supplies, 29 July 1945
Weekly Report on Pa Tengoa Area from L1 to A1 [Harrisson], Pa Tengoa, 23 July 1945
Note from Christian, Long Boelo, in Malay, 18 July 1945
Note from S3 to A1 [Harrisson], 28 July 1945, reporting on track clearing and widening from Pa Bawang to Pa Trap
Note from [Tuan Bigar] to Tuan Besar, Long Semadoe, 26 July 1945, regarding buying and distributing rice, and requesting provisions including a watch
Note on wireless frequencies and [skedules], undated
Note to A1 [Harrisson], Loembis, 14 July 1945 reporting killing Japanese troops and coolies on boats, and contains map of Bunteol for suggested stafing and bombing
Note from B2 to Tuan Besar, 28 July, reporting forced march to Balikoe from near [Sebinoeang]
Note in Malay, Long Noeat, 18 July 1945
Note from H9 to A1 [Harrisson], Long Berang, 18 July 1945 [regarding sending arms to L2 [Leckie] 'surrounded by Nips']
Note from Westley to A1 [Harrisson], received 27 July 1945, [regarding his movement to Pa Malada, type of primers and binding wire for rifle muzzles]
Note from H9 to A1 [Harrisson], Long Berang, 14 July 1945, requesting urgent medical stores at Loembis
Note from H9 to A1 [Harrisson], Long Berang, 13 July 1945 [regarding prisoners sent from Long Berang and proceeding to Loembis with C3].
Note from C4 [Cusack] to W3, Long Berang, 15 July 1945 regarding weapons and supplies
Note from C4 [Cusack] to W3 [Westley], Long Berang, 14 July 1945 [regarding thanks for stores, and request for pocket watch and canvas map case.]
Note [from F Manis?] in Malay, Long Berang, 12 July 1945
Set of tables [from F Manis] in Malay labelled A to F and a [covering] note, Long Berang, 9 July 1945
Newspapers - two editions of Table Tops, Brunei Edition, issued daily by the Australian Military Forces Abroad, 25 and 27 July 1945
Stores List Pa Brayong Area from L1, 25 July 1945
Subsidiary Drop Plan. Semut 1, from THH [Harrisson], 24 July 1945 [regarding subsidiary drops to outstations of medical, food and clothing supplies].
Sheet headed C 47 Drop…Semut I, Stores List, 25 July [1945] . Part A lists items and numbers for each location. Part B is Pilot Data describing locations
Note from L2 [Leckie] to A1 [Harrisson], Loembis, 6 July 1945 reporting operational matters, including 'foolproof' firebombs, natives uncooperative, proposed attack on Semoeloemoeng.
Note from Major [Harrisson], 26 July 1945, acknowledging $5000 from OC Group 'A' Adv HQ SRD for Semut 1 operational requirements
Note from [DoC] to Boss No1, annotated received 27 July 1945
Note from C3 to A1 [Harrisson], Long Berang, 13 July [1945] about moving to Loembis, taking H9, names and villages of men who attacked Japanese at L. Boeloeh and names of Abais killed at [Semeloe]
Note from L2 [Leckie] to A1 [Harrisson], Loembis, 9 July 1945, [listing troops and weapons, requests wireless and operator, watch, boots, salt, permission to pay soldiers more for a good job, recounts near miss for H1 and requests bombing of Buntoel.]
Note from C3 to A1 [Harrrisson], Long Berang, 15 July 1945, about moving to Loembis, death of guerrilla and names of guerrillas who attacked Japs at Boeloeh
Note from Westley to A1, 19 July 1945, asking approval to go to Loembis and then towards Pansiangin
Note from C4 [Cusack] to A1 [Harrisson], Long Berang, 17 July [1945] advising return to Long Berang
Note in Malay, Loembis, 18 July 1945
Notes (3) in Malay from Kiai [W.A. Makahanap] [to Padoeka Toean Besar], Long Berang, 28 July 1945 headed respectively Nos 22, 23 and 21 [Guerrila]
Note in Malay, Loembis, 19 July 1945
Note in Malay from Makahanap, Long Berang, 28 July 1945,
Note in Malay from Kiai Mansalong, Belawit, 28 July 1945
Note in Malay from Kiai [Makahanap] Mansalong, Belawit, 28 July 1945
Note headed Sched.Times 28 July {1945] listing times and locations
Note from C3 to A1 [Harrisson], Long Berang, 14 July 1945 [including L2 [Leckie] request for move to Loembis]
Note in Malay from Kiai W.A. Makahanap, Long Berang, 2 July 1945 headed No 4 [Gourillla]