Correspondence publicity for the work of SRD, book, radio transcript, recognition of service and general discussion of post war life

Accession Number AWM2017.7.182
Collection number 3DRL/6502
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 47
Object type Papers
Physical description 205 Image/s captured
Maker Harrisson, Tom Harnett
Webb, Sydney A
Place made Australia: Victoria, Melbourne, Borneo: Brunei Bay Area, Seria, Borneo: North Borneo, Jesselton, Borneo: Sarawak, Singapore, United Kingdom: England, Oxfordshire, Oxford
Date made 1945-1949
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Records relating to the service of Major Tom H. Harrisson, DSO Reconnaissance Corps, British Army. Harrisson was seconded to Z Special Unit, Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD) and served in Borneo as party leader on Operation Semut 1 during the Second World War. This file includes correspondence regarding general administration in the post war period, publicity for the work of SRD, Tom Harrisson’s book, transcript for radio broadcast by Harrisson, Edward Shackleton, Jock Marshall and Paul Bartram headed 'Borneo Jungle', recognition of service and general discussion of post war life.

This file includes:
Letter from Syd [Webb] to Tom [Harrisson], Lawas, 25 January 1946 [regarding overcharging for rice and clothing, visit from 200 people, including a bamboo band, their amazement at first view of the sea, movement of [Harrisson's] goods to Bareo];
Letter from Syd Webb, to Tom [Harrisson], Lawas, 10 January 1945 [?6] [regarding price of singlets and shorts, hoarding for black market];
Letter [from Harrisson] to Col Jack Finlay, O.B.E., 17 March 1947 [regarding publicity for S.R.D. missed by newspapers];
Letter from Chief Secretary, Jesselton, North Borneo to Major Harrisson, 30 January 1948 [regarding the King's command to issue a Memorial Scroll to the next of kin for members of the Forces, civil defence services, etc. who died as a result of service];
Letter from Veronica to Major [Harrisson], [19] August 1946 [regarding his departure];
Letter headed Borneo Evangelical Missions, Trusan to Mr Nicholson, 30 January 1942 [regarding a 'kind gift', moving into the interior and forming a camp of Europeans];
Letter headed Borneo Evangelical Missions to Major Harrisson, Melbourne, 3 December 1945 [regarding Muruts 'helpful and reliable in rounding up the Japanese and requesting Murut vocabularies];
Travelling Report from Doc Chong, Belawit Hospital to Tuan Besar, 5 February 1946 [reporting dysentery, malaria and living conditions];
Letter from Chong [ ] to Tuan Besar, BBCAU, Bareo, 5 February 1946, [requesting consideration of his service];
Letter from Jack Finley to Tom [Harrisson], London, 15 October, returning misdirected letters and commenting on pigmy elephant article];
Airmail Letter Card from [Ned] to Harrisson, Beaufort, N Borneo, 11 March 1947 [describing situation in North Borneo];
Letter from Tom Harrisson to Mrs R Jarrett, undated, replying to her request for information about her son];
Letter from T.H. Harrisson to War Office Reward Commission (Borneo Section), 6 May 1947 [regarding his wish to see Major Dice's report on Dayaks who assisted shot down airmen to ensure fairness to interior peoples];
Memo from Tom Harrisson, Curator, Sarawak Museum and Government Ethnologist, to The Chairman, War Damage Claims, Jesselton, 29 September 1947 headed War Damage (Aug - Oct 1945) in S.R.D. period, and subsequent Fujino Force fighting in Semut one area;
Letter from Philip Henry [to Harrisson], Mudgee, 2 October 1948 [regarding post war life];
Letter from Lieut A.B. Cahusac to Tom Harrisson, Utrecht, Holland, 10 February 1947 [seeking information on his father’s mission in Borneo in February 1942];
Letter [from Harrisson] to Lieut A.B. Cahusac, London, undated, advising unable to help re inquiry about father];
Business card headed Change of address Mr and Mrs P. W. Hume annotated 'Remember me? Pip' Note on back 'Congratulations on the Sunday Express articles and on the broadcast Best wishes P';
Letter fragment [from Harrisson] to Major R.K. Wilson, London, 30 December 1946 [address only];
Letter [from Harrisson] to Pip Hume, Esq, 4 March 1947 [regarding intention to write history of Semut and Agas];
Telegram from Fred to Tom Harrisson, London, [regarding news about Military Cross];
Telegram from Bill to Tom Harrisson, [Kuching] 9 March 1947, [regarding award];
Telegram from Toby [Carter] to T Harrisson, Seria, 18 March 1947 [regarding no information about award];
Letter from Sandy to Major Harrisson, Cammeray, North Sydney, 9 March 1947 [regarding his DCM, Harrisson's intention to return to Borneo to study hill tribes and his own intention to find a dairy farm];
Letter [from Harrisson] to George Edlin, 7 July 1949 [responding to Edlin's letter and commenting his 'notes are first class'];
Letter from Jetha Singh to T Harrisson, Lawas, 10 February 1948 in Malay;
Letter from J.C. Delaney to Mr Harrisson, Liverpool, 5 March 1947 [regarding concern about the Empire, dislike of HQ B.B.C.A.U Labuan, offer of his diary and his various deployments];
Letter from Tom Harrisson to J. C. Delaney, London, 10 March 1947 [replying re 'immense value' in loan of Delaney's diary];
Letter from Tom Harrisson, G.S. Carter, W.L.P. Sochon [to Editor Sarawak Gazette], 10 October 1947 [regarding recognition in Official Sarawak Gazette Almanac of significant events of the war in Borneo and acts of heroism, including by Malay and Muruts];
Report headed Group 'A' SRD Medical Report: SEMUT 1, 26 September 1945 [regarding health of personnel, locals, diet and living conditions, medical supplies and recommendations];
Message from McCallum to Belawit, undated [regarding individuals' health status and recommendations];
Letter from Cpl I Cooper s/14923632 to Mr Harrisson, Singapore, 9 March 1947 [asking for a signed copy of any book published on articles in the Sunday Express];
Letter from T.H. Harrisson to Cpl I Cooper, 19 March 1947 [regarding his request for a signed copy of a book about Borneo];
Letter [from Harrisson] headed to N.G. Combe, London, 25 March 1947 [regarding Combe's Military Cross and other SRD awards gazetted];
Record headed Daftar djiwa district Mentarang tahoen 1945;
Lists of rifles and other guns types, including serial numbers with copies in Malay headed ‘Senapan2 yang ditinggalkan pada tiap2 Penghulu Kamp. Kelabit and Senapan2 yang ditinggal di dalam Cooboo Bareo’;
Letter from Lord Beaverbrook's Office to Mr Harrisson, London, 23 April 1949 [regarding arranging a meeting and congratulations on '…your brilliant achievements in Malaya..';
Letter headed HQ 50 CAU Rear Echelon, Labuan To Whom It May Concern [serving as a provisional certificate to enable him to obtain his awards in Singapore];
Sketch maps (4) annotated Hudden, 4 and 6/41;
Letter from Paul [Bartram] to Tom Harrisson, Oxford, 13 March 1947 [regarding Semut awards, returning photos, offers of bottled fruit for Mrs Harrisson];
Letter [from Harrisson] to Paul [Bartram], London, 17 March 1947 [replying to Bartram's letter and commenting on the broadcast going across well];
Letter [from Harrisson] to Ernest Beaurepaire, 24 March 1947 [regarding an inventory of items left in Melbourne, Beaurepaire's generosity and hospitality, and repaying his debt of gratitude by hospitality to any Australians that turn up];
Letter [from Harrisson] to Jack Finlay, 6 November 1946 [requesting comment on an extract from Paul Bartram's diary and his intention to put together the story of Semut with the collaboration of Bill Sochon and Toby Carter];
Letter [from Harrisson] to Corporal J.A. Sterelny, 12 November 1946 [regarding sending Harrisson some writing on what interested him];
Memo to TH headed Weekly Memo. No. 9, 12 September 1947 [regarding correspondence including about placing articles and John Chapman-Walker's congratulations on award];
Recommendation from Major Harrisson for Awards, North Sarawak, 2 October 1947 [regarding King's Medal for Courage for Unggat, an Iban Dayak - ‘no Iban has yet been recognised’;
Transcript for radio broadcast by Harrisson, Edward Shackleton, Jock Marshall and Paul Bartram headed 'Borneo Jungle', 22 February 1947 [regarding exploring and fighting in Borneo].