Jubb, William Hiles Venters (Captain, b.1917 - d.1942)


Collection relating to the Second World War service of QX6244 Captain William Hiles Venters ‘Bill’ Jubb, 2/15 Australian Infantry Battalion, Second Australian Imperial Force, Australia and the Middle East, 1939-1942.

Wallet 1 of 2 – Contains three folders of letters from Captain William Hiles Venters Jubb to his sweetheart, Miss Dorothy Margaret ‘Dod’ Doyle.

Wallet 1 of 2, Folder 1 of 3 consists of 10 letters [including associated envelopes] from Captain Jubb to Miss Doyle, dated between 26 September 1939 and 27 December 1940. These letters cover the period of Captain Jubb’s training in New South Wales and the Northern Territory, and embarkation from Queensland. In these letters, Captain Jubb writes about settling into an officer training camp in New South Wales, traveling to Darwin, attending social events, being welfare officer for the battalion, playing sport, participating in training, being on pre-embarkation leave, his embarkation, and life on board the ship.

Wallet 1 of 2, Folder 2 of 3 consists of 22 letters [including associated envelopes], one telegram, one menu, and one card from Captain Jubb to Miss Doyle, dated between 5 February and 28 December 1941. These letters cover the period of Captain Jubb’s service with 2/15 Australian Infantry Battalion in Palestine, Egypt and Libya. In this correspondence, Captain Jubb writes about the end of his journey to the Middle East, receiving letters from home, censoring letters of other servicemen, participating in training, serving in Libya, living in a dugout, travelling through the desert, dust storms, enemy air raids, fighting at Tobruk, the deaths of people in his unit, being injured by an anti-tank mine, recovering in hospital in Egypt, being on convalescent leave, seeing shows, being ill with jaundice, watching cricket, re-joining his unit in Palestine, giving training lectures, doing administrative work, and being on leave.

Wallet 1 of 2, Folder 3 of 3 consists of 14 letters [including associated envelopes], one card, one telegram and four envelopes from Captain Jubb to Miss Doyle, dated between 1 January and 27 October 1942. These letters cover Captain Jubb’s service with 2/15 Australian Infantry Battalion in Syria, Palestine and Egypt. In his correspondence, Captain Jubb writes about his impressions of Syria, living conditions, doing administrative work, moving regularly, doing training exercises, irregular mail services, playing sports, living in dug-outs in Egypt, attending a tactical school in Palestine, and fighting at El Alamein, Egypt.

Wallet 2 of 2 – Contains two folders of material relating to Miss Dorothy Margaret ‘Dod’ Doyle and her sweetheart, Captain William Hiles Venters ‘Bill’ Jubb.

Wallet 2 of 2, Folder 1 of 2 consists of eight letters from Miss Doyle to her parents, and two letters from Captain Jubb’s mother to Miss Doyle. The letters were sent by Miss Doyle to her parents during her nurse training at Kyogle, New South Wales, and are dated between 30 November 1940 and c mid-1941. In her letters, Miss Doyle writes about her relationship with Captain Jubb, her hopes for the future, missing her family, attending social events, doing training and exams for nursing, and receiving mail and phone calls from her sweetheart. The letters from Captain Jubb’s mother, Mrs May Lydia Jubb, to Miss Doyle are dated 29 June 1941 and 11 September 1942. In her letters, Mrs Jubb writes about the wellbeing of Captain Jubb after he was wounded at Tobruk, the war in the Middle East, and receiving news from Captain Jubb.

Wallet 2 of 2, Folder 2 of 2 consists of 13 condolence letters, one telegram, two envelopes and one card [including photograph] from friends and family members to Miss Doyle relating to the death of Captain Jubb, who was killed in action in Egypt in October 1942. In their correspondence, the writers send their sympathies on the occasion of Captain Jubb’s death.