British intelligence and instructional papers relating to James Murdoch Archer Durrant, 1915-1917

Place Europe: France, Picardie, Somme
Accession Number AWM2018.785.68
Collection number PR88/009
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type Item
Item count 1
Object type Papers
Physical description 41 Image/s captured
Maker Unknown
Place made France, United Kingdom
Date made 1915-1917
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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British intelligence and instructional papers relating to the First World War service of Lieutenant-Colonel James Murdoch Archer Durrant, 1915-1917.

This file is comprised of British intelligence and instructional papers primarily collected by James Murdoch Archer Durrant during 1916. The papers provide some insight into the broad scope of information Durrant examined in his role as commanding officer of the 13th Infantry Battalion, encompassing subjects ranging from instructional notes for small arms and equipment through to intelligence reports on Allied defensive schemes and German tactics in the use of artillery, gas and counter attacks on the Western Front.

This file contains:

Instructional notes titled 'Rowlock Rifle Rest' by Captain H. [Henry] Newton, 5th Notts & Derby Regiment, Second Army Workshops, 20 November 1915; 14 January 1916 [two copies];
Instructional notes titled 'Thermos Boxes' and 'Rifle Batteries', Second Army Workshops, 16 January 1916; 15 July 1916 [two copies];
Leaflet titled 'Defensive Measures Against Gas Attacks' by Lieutenant-General C.F.N. [Cecil Frederick Nevil] Macready, Adjutant-General, General Headquarters, 18 January 1916;
Report titled 'Sniping in Trench Warfare' [c. 22 January 1916];
Instructional notes titled 'Machine Gun Sub-Target Device' by Captain H. [Henry] Newton, 5th Notts & Derby Regiment, Second Army Workshops, 15 February 1916 [two copies];
Leaflet titled 'Training of Divisions for Offensive Action' by Lieutenant-General L.E. [Launcelot Edward] Kiggell, Chief of the General Staff, 8 May 1916;
Memorandum on 'The Protection of Infantry in the Assault' by Major-General N. [Neill] Malcolm, General Staff, Reserve Army, 14 July 1916;
Memorandum on 'Fumite Hand Grenades' by Major E. [Edward] Beddington, General Staff, Reserve Army, 27 July 1916;
Leaflet titled 'Notes on German Gas Shells' by General Staff (Intelligence), General Headquarters, July 1916;
Leaflet titled 'German Reports on Defence Works' by General Staff, General Headquarters, 1 August 1916;
Instructions issued by an unidentified infantry brigade and circulated by the Reserve Army, 3 August 1916 [collection contains five exact duplicate copies];
Memorandum by Army Commander, Reserve Army, issued by Major-General [Neill Malcolm], General Staff, Reserve Army, 3 August 1916;
Leaflet titled 'Protection Against Tear Shell Attacks' by [General Staff, War Office, Fourth Army, 1916];
Instructional notes titled 'Sniperscopes', Second Army Workshops, [c. 1916] [two copies];
Instructional notes titled 'Trench Rifle Stand; Listening Patrol Megaphones; Trench Cookers', Second Army Workshops, [c. 1916] [two copies];
Instructional notes titled 'Points to Platoon Commanders', [Second Army Workshops, c. 1916];
Intelligence report titled 'Further Information Obtained From Two Prisoners (Ersatz Reservists) 1891 and 1894 Classes Belonging to 3rd Battalion, 362 Regiment', [c. February 1917);
Tactical notes titled 'The Use of Reserves' by Major [Weatherly], Fifth Army, 26 April 1917;
List of armies comprising the British Expeditionary Forces with corresponding locations of operation, [c. 1917]; and
Loose-leaf page featuring images of soldiers performing musketry drills [undated].