USS Ranger, Gulf War 1991

Accession Number F04634
Collection type Film
Measurement 56 min 14 sec
Object type Actuality footage
Physical description 1 inch video/Colour/sound
Maker Griggs, William Middleton
Place made Persian Gulf
Date made c 2 February 1991
Access Open
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC
Source credit to Credit to be given to Colonel Atkinson & Wing Commander Griggs for each use of this video recording.

At sea Persian Gulf circa 2 February 1991. Scenes aboard the United States Navy Forrestal Class aircraft carrier CV61 USS Ranger taken by Wing Commander Bill Griggs RAAF Specialist Reserve during the air component of the Gulf War. The video camera used to record these scenes was on loan from Colonel Robert Atkinson RAAMC who was serving with Wing Commander Griggs on the hospital ship USNS Comfort. Wing Commander Bill Griggs was detached from USNS Comfort with two USN Medical Corps Officers, Lieutenant Commander Andy Jagoda and Commander John Nesbitt to provide advanced training sessions for medical staff aboard USS Ranger. Shows Lockheed S-3B Viking aircraft anti submarine/attack aircraft landing on carrier deck. The camera position is just below deck level with the deck landing controllers. Grumman F-14A Tomcat two seat long range interceptor landing. Grumman EA-6B Prowler four seat Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) aircraft landing. Another F-14A lands. Grumman A-6E Intruder all weather attack aircraft lands. Grumman C-2 Greyhound COD (Carrier On-Board) transport flys over head and then lands on carrier deck. Long shot and zoom in on Royal Netherlands Navy frigate Jacob van Heemskerck (pennant no. F812). Sea King helicopter lands on USS Ranger. More deck landing scenes this time taken from carrier control tower. F-14A lands. S-3B lands. Grumman E-2C Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEWAC) flys over carrier. S-3B lands. E-2C lands. USN Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter lands. Sea King helicopter lands. Scenes of activities on deck helicopters and E-2C. Take off scenes shot from aircraft carrier control tower. F-14A Tomcat take off. F-14A takes off. A-6E takes off. F-14A takes off. A-6E takes off S-3B takes off. F-14A takes off. E-2C takes off. S-3B takes off. Scene change to below deck hangars parked aircraft and motor launches. Ship's crew working out on exercise bikes. Scene change to carrier deck EA-6B Prowler takes off. Fully bombed up A-6E Intruder taxying on carrier deck. Close up of USS Ranger crest and radar. Pan around deck crew. Zoom to A-6E cockpit. Zoom to F-14A cockpit. A-6E takes off. Zoom to A-6E multiple bomb racks. A-6E takes off. F-14A takes off followed by another F-14A. EA-6B Prowler armed with anti-radar missile takes off. S-3B prepares to take off. Zoom to multiple AIM 7 Sidewinder missile launchers on F-14A. Hawkeye lands. F-14A in flight. F-14A lands. Below deck sign "Top Gun medical" ship's radio broadcasting music and news reports. Carrier deck parked Sea King. Parade on flight deck behind a flag or banner. Sign "Beware of jet blast and propellers" A-6E crew pose for camera in front of aircraft. Flight in helicopter from carrier deck. Helicopter interiors. Back on the flight deck. Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight hovering. Inside helicopter taking off from support ship helicopter deck. Longs shots taken from helicopter in flight of various support ships such as refuellers. USNS Comfort seen from the air. Landing on USNS Comfort. Interior of USNS Comfort showing pipes and ducting. Commentary and conversation with people out of frame. Speech is obscured by ship's ambient noise. Original 8mm video P5-90 Canon.

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  • Video of USS Ranger, Gulf War 1991 (video)