[Australian Army Training Team Vietnam, 1966] / Ian G. McNeill

Accession Number F04757
Collection type Film
Measurement 37 min 42 sec
Object type Home movie
Physical description 8mm standard/colour (Kodachrome)/silent
Maker McNeill, Ian Graham
Place made Vietnam: Quang Nam Province, Da Nang, Vietnam: Thua Tien Province, Hue
Date made 1966
Access Open
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
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I Corps South Vietnam. Miscellaneous scenes taken by Major Ian McNeill, Senior Australian Advisor I Corps and GSO3 Training on HQ I Corps Da Nang, August 1966. "Australia House" Da Nang, the up-country headquarters of the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team Vietnam). Warrant Officers (WOs) manned the house for Australian Administration. Other WOs came to sleep when they had the time off. WOs based near Da Nang had their bed their. Australian Advisers from all over South Vietnam assembled there for Anzac Day. 57050 Major Ross Stuart Buchan AATTV second from right in Da Nang August 1966 to take over from McNeill. Australia Officers villa Da Nang. Around the corner from Australia house. Small two storied villa 3 bedrooms. Major McNeill relaxing on balcony of officers' villa, Da Nang. Da Nang street scene. US Marine Self Propelled (SP) artillery, Da Nang. Da Nang River port. US ships unloading. Da Nang river. General Lew Walt's barge. General Walt was the Commander of the III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF). US Marine helicopter landing zone at Marble Mountain (taken from helicopter) Da Nang from the air. US I Corps Advisors Officers Mess. Da Nang, where Australian officers and Warrant Officers normally ate and drank. US Marine guard at I Corps officer's mess changing over. Street outside Australia House. Food stall outside Australia House. Brick and pailing fence of Australia House. Warrant officers having a beer. (Major McNeill on left wearing US lightweight over shirt). Major McNeill crossing Da Nang river in General Lew Walt's barge. Regional Force training centre at Hoa Cam, outside Da Nang. Group of US and one Australian adviser with Major Buchan second from the right at Hoa Cam. Rifle range at Hoa Cam. The Viet Cong (VC) were in the hills. Regional Forces under intsruction at Hoa Cam. Marine helicopter (dust off) brings casualties in to US Marine hospital on the outskirts of Da Nang. Marine check point Da Nang. Construction by US firm RMKBRJ at Da Nang. At the foot of Marble Mountain Da Nang. Much stone for carvings came from here. It was a VC shelter in war honeycombed with passages. Commander of Mobile Strike Force (MSF) of Montagnard troops, Captain Vin Murphy, right, talks to Major Ross Buchan, left, at MSF base on China Beach, Da Nang. Scenes around MSF camp at China Beach. MSF check point Da Nang. US helicopter above US Marine helicopter landing zone, Da Nang. Marble Mountain, Da Nang. Old French Fort on Marble Mountain. Major Buchan, left, Captain Vin Murphy, centre, painting, Major McNeill, looking at area near Marble Mountain where a warrant officer was wounded. Old demolished French Fort beside group. Marble Mountain from the air, Da Nang, US Marine helicopter base Chu Lai. Bridge over Da Nang river. Tra Bong Special Forces camp (where Wheatley got his Victoria Cross). ARVN post. Tra Bong Special Forces camp. Reinforcements arrive at Tra Bong. Buchan talks to Warrant Officer. Major McNeill in trench. Tra Bong village. Farewell Tra Bong (Beaver aircraft). Tra Bong valley where Wheatley was killed. (Shown on pp 311 and 317 of "The Team"). Edited film presentation of "Offensive Air Support I Corps" by Ian McNeill. Begins at I Corps HQ, then operations centre. Pilots at Da Nang airfield preparing to take off in Cessna O-1 "Bird dog" Forward Air Controller (FAC). Major McNeill joins one pilot as observer and takes film from observer seat. Four or five pre planned airstrikes. Take off shows Da Nang airfield. Also F4 Phantom fighter bomber aircraft. Two "Bird Dogs" flew together at beginning to protect each other over VC held terrain. Spotting targets Quang Ngai province. Phantoms take off from Da Nang. See proliferation of aircraft. Smoke indicators. Napalm on village, Quang Ngai Province. (The village was burning and the aircraft flew low for a bomb damage assessment (BDA). A person beside a burning log was firing at the Cessna. The villagers had left and were seen with their oxen and livestock walking along the road out of the village. It was standing operational procedure to obtain Province Chief's permission to attack a village and he would automatically warn the inhabitants.) Nui Dat, Phuoc Tuy Province. US 155mm Self Propelled artillery at 1 ATF base. US Chinook helicopter gun ships at Nui Dat. Vung Tau, 1st Australian Logistic Support Group Commander 175 Lieut- Colonel David Lyttelton Rouse. Lieut-Colonel David Rouse, left, 63763 Major Athol Maurice Salter, centre and 235097 Major John Alexander McConaghy, right, 1 ALSG. McConaghy, left, Salter, centre, Rouse, right. Ian McNeill's C-130 arriving at Vung Tau from Australia to take home. Selection of US aircraft and helicopters at Da Nang. Vung Tau, RAAF Iroquois and crew. (McNeill on left). Helicopters over Vung Tau. Phuoc Tuy Province. Nui Dat Base. 235032 Major Richard Robert Hannigan n GSO2 of 1ATF walking towards camera. Scenes around 1ATF Nuit Dat. 5RAR mortar platoon. Commander 213471 Lieut Trevor John Sheehan, standing outside pit. HQ 5RAR, 235023 Major Stanley John Maizey 2IC, left,3487 Lieut Colonel John Arnold Warr, CO 5RAR centre, 18142 Captain Ron Thomas Shambrook 5RAR, QM, right. Concert Party Nui Dat. M113 Armoured Personel Carriers leaving concert party. Nui Dat US 155mm Self Propelled guns. HQ I Corps, Operational and Advisersary Team. (Ross Buchan on left). Vietnamese Ops Officers I Corps and female interpreter. Da Nang Airfield, miscellaneous aircraft and helicopter; USAF C-130, US Army Caribou, US Marine bunkers, C-123, F-4 Phantoms, Self Proppelled artillery, A-1 Skyraider, USMC Douglas EF-10B Skyknight Electronic Warfare (EW) aircraft (Code No. on tail fin RM4596), USAF Convair F102A Delta Dagger interceptor, Kaman HH-43 Huskie helicopter with fire fighting equipment. CIA unmarked aircraft. USAF Martin B-57B "Canberra". Close-up of A-1H Skyraider amrament. Ian McNeill boards light CIA passenger aircraft (Beechcraft?) at Da Nang. US Marine helicopter pad Da Nang. Ross Buchan inspecting helicopter. Armament on gunship. [Many pictures of Ros Buchan as he came up to take over from McNeill and much of the film was taken at that time- July 1966]

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