HMAS Voyager in the Mediterranean, 1940

Accession Number F04798
Collection type Film
Measurement 32 min
Object type Home movie
Physical description 8mm standard/b&w/silent
Maker Hollis, John
Place made Egypt: Alexandria
Date made 1940
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC
Source credit to This item has been digitised with funding provided by Commonwealth Government.

HMAS Voyager and crew in the Mediterranean, circa mid 1940. Alexandria or Cairo, car trip through the city. Various scenes of parks, buildings etc. At sea, long shot of a destroyer underway at speed. Onboard HMAS Voyager, a group of captured Italian submariners pose for the camera in civilian clothes. [Possibly survivors from the Italian submarine Luizzi which was sunk on 27 June 1940. One of the Italian POWs reading on deck. Alexandria harbour, long shot of cruiser, panorama of the harbour showing warships at anchor. Closer panorama showing destroyer D-61 HMS Ilex at anchor. Close up of Voyager crewman reading the novel 'Tropic of Cancer'. Extreme long shot of bombing or shelling of ship, possibly a RN aircraft carrier - could be the battle of Calabria 9 July 1940. Long shot of RN Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers flying low over the water and dropping depth charges or bombs. The RN aircraft carrier HMS Eagle. Horse racing in Alexandria Harbour. Sailors watching the races. On deck of Voyager, crew painting the warhead of a torpedo. Two sailors on yard arm hitting each other with pillows till one falls over. Working on the torpedo, hoisting and loading torpedo into tubes. At sea, extreme longshot of aircraft carrier. Formations of Swordfish torpedo bombers. Swordfish flying over aircraft carrier. Swordfish landing on aircraft carrier. Big close up of Voyager crewman. Close up of another crew member. Crew watching depth charge explosions at sea. Sailors on shore in a cafe drinking. Pyramids at Giza. Sailors on camels. The Sphinx. A train trip. Alexandria, long shot of a ship in dry dock. Swordfish flys over the fleet at Alexandria. At sea, stern shot of HMAS Voyager underway with another destroyer following. At sea another destroyer ahead of Voyager. Views from the bridge of Voyager. HMAS Voyager blowing smoke. At sea crew moving around on deck. Alexandria, battleship at anchor, flying boat. Submarine sail past. Civilian flying boat code AFKZ. Harbour scenes, Egyptian sailboats, merchant ships. Long shot panorama of coast. Long shot of merchant ship. Flying boat flys overhead. Various scenes of crew on deck of Voyager. Pan up to RAN ensign. Longshot of battleships in harbour. Medium shot of sailor on deck of Voyager. Sailor having a haircut. Saliors moving around on deck, at work and carrying food. Longboats next ot Voyager. At sea, various shots of the destroyer squadron. Panning shots of the British Mediterranean Fleet at Sea, battleships and destroyers. Line of battleships underway. Medium shot of RN submarine. Studies of men on Voyager. Long boat beside voyager. Long boat rowing at sea and retriving torpedo. Hoisting torpedo onto Voyager. Alexandria Harbour Leander Class cruiser at anchor. Panning shots of the harbour. At sea, destroyers trailing smoke screen. Destroyers at sea. Supermarine Walrus in flight over ship. Alexandria Harbour Boeing Clipper flying boat. Sailor on voyager. Various scenes of French Navy battleship Lorraine at anchor. At sea, with destroyers. Stern of Voyager looking trailing destroyer. Men diving off Voyager in harbour.

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  • Video of HMAS Voyager in the Mediterranean, 1940 (video)