Group portrait of the Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) of the 2nd Battalion at Meteren. Left to ...

Accession Number E01671
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Nord Pas de Calais, Nord, Meteren
Date made 13 February 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

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Group portrait of the Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) of the 2nd Battalion at Meteren. Left to right, back row: 6590 Sergeant (Sgt) Norman Dawson Thomas; 3936 Sgt William Theodore Smith; 2456 Sgt James Sutton Oakes, MM; 395 Charles Francis Dobbie, MM; 3715 Sgt Alfred Henry Buckeridge, MM; 2454 Sgt Allan Roy McPhee; 889 Sgt Keith Rourke; 3254 Sgt William Edwin Burton; 592 Sgt Frederick Bede Barker; 2826 Sgt Walter Hopetoun Handfield; 4126A Corporal (Cpl) Francis Daniel Avery; 120A Sgt Stanley Pearce; 3648 Sgt Harry Will Daniel Wildman (partially obscured); 474 Sgt Eric Richard Turner; 5775 Sgt David Tennant [partially obscured](later a Lieutenant); 7200 Sgt Harold Gladstone Turnidge; 198 Cpl Herbert Stanley Mascord; 887 Sgt James Bernard Powell.
Fourth row: 1556 Sgt Lisle Evans Garlick; 1620 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Albert Ernest Rigg, MM; 3160 Cpl Charles Owen (died of disease in England on 17 March 1919); 4248 Sgt Norman McDonald; 7512 Sgt Albert Louis Mannigel; 4518 Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) Hilton Lancaster, MM, MSM; 519 CQMS John Helmer; 925 Staff Sergeant (SSgt) James Patrick Driscoll; 1052 CSM Thomas Daniel Brown DCM; 581 Sgt Thomas Heath; 5138 Acting Sergeant William Edwin Thomas Lane; 2401 Sgt Charles Arthur Fletcher; 3710 CSM Frederick William Brooks [partially obscured]; 2196 Sgt Archibald Beveridge Robertson [partially obscured]; 1029 Sgt Charles Morgan (killed in action in France on 23 August 1918).
Third row: 7534 Sgt Harris Martin Sharp (killed in action in France on 24 June 1918); 378 Sgt William Crawford; 333A Sgt William Edge; 6869 Sgt Hilton Gwydir Williams; 2254 Sgt Victor Arnold Robson; 1626 Sgt Frederick Ezra Stammer, MM; 2352 Cpl Arthur Bourne; 3686 Sgt Walter Martin Aysom; 2575 CQMS Bertie Reginald Causer; 812 Cpl Robert Davis Wilson, MM; 535 Cpl William Hector Reeves, MM; 327 Sgt Sydney Robert Oppy; 4245 Sgt Alexander Edwin McPhail; 3590 Sgt Alexander Lyle Patison; 4350 Cpl Robert Williams; 2637 Cpl Hubert Martin (later a Lieutenant); 3343 Cpl Colin Graham Lutton, MM; 1849 Sgt Victor Llewellyn Williams.
Second row: 797 Cpl Donald Wallace Scott; 651 Cpl Roger Richard James Moloney; 6005 Cpl Arthur William Eckley; 3911 Sgt William Rees, MM; 332 CSM Hercules Ivan Peisley (died of wounds in France on 23 August 1918); 294 CSM Robert Haggath, MM; 823 CSM William Bonnett (killed in action in France on 14 April 1918); 1003 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) John Wesley Hetherington; 376 RSM Robert Coskery; 2154 CSM William Henry Jarvis (later a Lieutenant); 1153 CSM Thomas Henry McColl, DCM, MM; 2910 Sgt H. E. Wansborough; 2649 Sgt Emanuel McCarry.
Front row: 1643 Sgt Charles Oscar Wallin; 7459 Sgt Joseph Howard Douglas (killed in action in France on 11 April 1918); 1979 Lance Corporal (LCpl) Gordon Scott Lee, MM; 1904 LCpl James William Armstrong; 3617 Sgt William Henry Simmons; 1705 Cpl William James Banks; 3913 Cpl Albert Ernest Herbert Richards; 2131 Cpl Claud Henry Gall; 1439 Cpl Harry White; 4295 Sgt Arthur Thomas Grant; 545 Cpl Robert Stanley McClelland, MM.