Bussy, France. 4 June 1918. Group portrait of No. 1 Section of the 5th Divisional Ammunition ...

Accession Number E02471
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Amiens Harbonnieres Area, Bussy
Date made 4 June 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Bussy, France. 4 June 1918. Group portrait of No. 1 Section of the 5th Divisional Ammunition Column. Back row, left to right: 3591B Driver T. C. Adams; 1996 Driver C. R. Brown; 2051 Fitter Harry Murray; 2090A Driver D. L. Thomas; Gunner (Gnr) Dixon (no hat); 30741 Driver W. Stephens; 29510 Saddler S. F. Crockett; 10378 Gnr J. W. Reid; 3159 Gnr B. A. Lait; 17285 Driver G. Neill; 3632 Gnr F. Cave; 2047 Driver J. T. McCann; 1241 Gnr R. S. Fairey; 2230 Shoeing Smith (S Sth) Henry Herbert Turner; 519 Gnr T. Peel; 1397A Driver P. Collins. Ninth row: 1838 Bombardier (Bdr) W. E. Armitage; 1839 Bdr D. G. Barclay; 5785 Driver H. Barton; 2048 Driver Harold Michael McCann; 1232 Driver H. A. Aitken; 32113 Gnr W. G. Creef; 32520 Driver Cecil Roy Hollamby; 1087 Driver H. M. Gardiner; 2249 Driver C. J. Creek; 2248 Driver R. Barber; 1635A Driver J. H. Chave; 2030 Driver James Alexander Hall; 1935 S Sth G. E. Baillie; 2001 Driver C. Bender; 2082 Gnr N. A. Crossman. Eighth row: 2091 Bdr A. E. Tisswill; 1997 Bdr Norman Bailey; 1792 Driver G. Faithfull; 2090 A/Bdr H. Tisswill; 3622 Driver J. V. McKenzie; 3301A Driver Michael Doyle; 1079 Driver P. Aldis; 1655 Driver S. Smith; 1016A A. C. Anderson; 1961 Driver W. T. Chave; 2045 Driver Valentine John Keogh; 4479 A/Bdr J. L. Ford; 1029 Driver S. T. Murray; 38282 Driver A. L. Weir; 1991 Driver E. L. Adams. Seventh row: 1880A A/Bdr J. Olds; 2095 Driver William Henry Waugh; 1873 Driver R. G. Low; 2029A Driver A. W. George; 1797 Driver I. Humphrey; 27762 Driver E. G. Hodgson; 5060 Driver R. Davidson; 1933 Driver R. S. Watson; 10082 Driver R. I. Phillis; 1552A Driver Frank Tasman Poke (killed in action 15/8/18) ; 1945 Driver D. Beard; 3188 Driver O. F. McDonald; 1712 Driver Stannard; 38716 Driver John Mark Ashburn. Sixth row: 958 Corporal (Cpl) W. S. Thew; 14492 Gnr W. D. Campbell; 1333 Driver H. Phillips; 1798 Driver J. T. Humphrey; 3125 Driver H. A. Hewitt; 3254 A/Bdr W. H. Slay; 4142 Driver A. J. Irwin; 1861 Bdr H. T. Hickey; 1460 Driver S. Sharp; 11971 Gnr R. Fowler; 2275 Driver B. G. Baker; 2424 Gnr R. D. Bell; 2122 S Sth J. G. Adams; 37342 S Sth W. H. Cross; unidentified; 2014 Driver C. C. Chadd. Fifth row: 1864 Cpl John Quinton Duff; 1889 Driver C. J. Kenshaw; 1452 Bdr W. Short; 1385 Cpl C. Bell; 1920 Cpl William Battley Donaldson; 1880 S Sth S. J. J. Graham; 1011 Driver C. E. W. Harris; 1251 Driver D. McKenzie; 1398 Driver L. G. Crosswell; 1426A Bdr T. J. Healey; 2372 Driver A. J. Gordon; 3267 Driver Francis Roy Corran; 3223 Driver E. L. Richards; 1578 S Sth W. B. Rees; 1434 Driver Neil Jorgensen. Fourth row: 1926 Saddler Corporal A. L. McIlveen; 2105 Driver Arthur Harold Younie; 1487 Driver Mitchell; 5639 Driver A. S. Rabbidge; 2040 Driver C. K. S. James; 2098 Driver C. A. Weir; 1451 Driver C. McDouall; 1848 Driver J. C. Browne; 1918 Driver J. W. Reardon; 1865 Driver C. C. Hickey; 1409 Driver C. Emery; 1381 Driver R. J. Adams; 1198 Driver E. A. Lewis; 1784 Driver H. J. Squires; 1587 A/Bdr H. W. Dyke; 4102 Gnr Robert Henry Douthat. Third row: 2743 Cpl J. E. Oldroyd; 4228 Farrier Cpl L. M. Tierney; 1430 Driver Harry Hellis; 2082 Driver H. H. Stevenson; 1977 Driver R. S. McLeay; 2120 Driver Milton Roy Parkins; 1091 Driver R. Speechley; 1906A Driver Mervyn Henry Parkins; 2147 Driver E. Bahr; 1924 Driver D. Scott; 1407 Driver Clifford Moss Edmunds; 1899 Driver J. F. Moran; 1406 Driver P. R. Dunmall; 32277 Driver R. L. Vance; 2024A Driver R. K. Flanders; 924 Saddler L. T. Gold. Second row: 27 Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant F. Grey; 943 Farrier Sergeant Roy Collingwood Nicholls; 1925 Sergeant (Sgt) J. Scott; 112 Sgt A. Nelson; 390 Sgt W. Cooke; 2066A Sgt G. H. B. Price; 5145 Sgt E. L. Vance; 1579 Sgt A. R. V. Stafford MM; 1447 Battalion Sergeant Major John Vincent Young Croix de Guerre. Front row (sitting): Lieutenant (Lt) H. H. Dean; Captain K. Barnett; Major Francis Thornthwaite MC DSO Croix de Guerre; Lt A. D. Newmarch; Lt Daniells; Mr A. K. Harris, Young Men's Christian Association representative.

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