Querrieu, France. 27 June 1918. Group portrait of the Non-commissioned Officers of the 23rd ...

Accession Number E02581
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass transparency (positive)
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Corbie Albert Area, Querrieu
Date made 27 June 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Querrieu, France. 27 June 1918. Group portrait of the Non-commissioned Officers of the 23rd Battalion. Identified: Corporal (Cpl) J. Romaine (1); Sergeant (Sgt) A. P. Schultz (2); Cpl C. D. Milne (3); Cpl O. Johnson MM (4); Cpl W. R. Greig (5); Cpl Parfitt (6); Cpl E. B. Gledhill (7); Sgt O. Keating (8); Sgt H. L. Cockburn MSM (9); Cpl H. W. Leviston MM (10); Cpl A. J. McPherson (11); Lance Corporal (L Cpl) A. J. Rolfe (12); Sgt A. A. Cook (13); L Cpl C. Hollingsworth (14); L Cpl C. Rawson (15); L Cpl C. R. Willis (16); Cpl W. Shields (17); Cpl J. Kennedy (18); Cpl W. C. Ellis MM (19); L Cpl A. P. Burke MM (20); Sgt F. Prothero (21); Cpl P. W. Ward (22); L Cpl D. Minogue (23); Cpl G. McCombe (24); Cpl H. J. Cubbins (25); Cpl Stapleton (26); L Cpl J. McGuire (27); ?L Cpl E. Surman (See 106) (28); Cpl A. E. McMillan (29); Cpl E. Blue (30); unidentified (31); Cpl J. H. Muller (32); Cpl J. D. Schmidt MM (33); L Cpl W. Bray (34); Cpl R. L. Dellar (35); Cpl J. Petrie (36); L Cpl Powell (37); Cpl E. A. Lemmer (38); Cpl R. E. Hamstead MM (39); unidentified (40); L Cpl L. Anderson (41); Sgt J. A. McClure DCM (42); Sgt W. Larkin (43); Sgt T. Wallace (44); Sgt T. S. Heath MM (45); unidentified (46); Sgt A. Dykes (47); Sgt S. G. Morna (48); Company Sergeant Major (CSM) A. W. Miller (49); Regimental Sergeant Major W. H. Woodland (50); CSM P. L. J. Foley (51); Sgt J. W. W. Osborn DCM (52); Sgt H. Lear (53); miss a number (54); Sgt W. Stevens MM (55); Sgt R. F. Jaques (56); Sgt V. S. Smith (57); Sgt F. Lloyd (58); Sgt D. J. Dwyer (59); Sgt H. Spotswood MM (60); Cpl J. Summerfield (61); Cpl T. Huntley (62); Cpl L. W. Fraser (63); Sgt D. McPhee (64); Sgt T. Newing (65); Cpl D. C. M. Taylor (66); Sgt W. Richards (67); Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) L. G. Lamande (68); Sgt H. H. Burnell MM (69); Sgt F. Jacob (70); Sgt L. S. Homewood (71); Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant G. W. Grant MSM (72); Sgt J. Enticknap (73); Sgt A. Harris (74); 4464 Sgt Hubert Miles Pendock (75); Sgt J. A. Ritchie MM (76); Sgt L. H. Kew Ming (77); Sgt F. Heinze DCM (78); Sgt R. G. Rossiter (79); Sgt J. R. Kidd (80); Cpl A. Queenell (81); Cpl W. C. Gray MM (82); Cpl E. J. Trent MM (83); Cpl C. A. Nuttall MM (84); Sgt J. N. Garden (85); Cpl A. Hutchison DCM (86); Cpl E. J. Clementson (87); Cpl J. A. C. Woods (88); Cpl W. Hill (89); Sgt W. Wilson (90); CQMS R. J. Laffan (91); Sgt S. J. Robinson (92); Sgt C. G. Blencoe (93); Cpl A. Watt (94); Sgt W. P. Cameron (95); Cpl T. Hynes MM (96); Sgt W. W. Robertson DCM (97); Cpl E. Parker (98); Cpl A. Clark (99); Cpl R. Calder (100); Cpl A. V. Pippard (101); Sgt C. Wright MM (102); Cpl J. A. Wetzlar (103); Cpl Buckingham (104); Sgt R. N. Anderson (105); ?902 Cpl Eric Surman (See 28) (106); Cpl F. Miller MM (107). See E02581K for position of those named in this caption.