Querrieu, France. 27 June 1918. Group portrait of the 6th Light Trench Mortar Battery. Back row, ...

Accession Number E02587
Collection type Photograph
Object type Negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Corbie Albert Area, Querrieu
Date made 27 June 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Querrieu, France. 27 June 1918. Group portrait of the 6th Light Trench Mortar Battery. Back row, left to right: 30509 Private (Pte) J. A. King; 2371 Pte H. Riddell DCM (Killed in action (KIA) 23 July 1918); 6426 Pte H. F. Withers, 24th Battalion (KIA 5 October 1918); 31463 Pte S. R. Kennedy; 6357 Pte A. McKenzie; 22526 Pte J. M. Lynch; 589 Pte S. Letch, 23rd Battalion; 5006 Pte Arthur Horace Ferns; 3958 Pte N. J. Porter; 5817 Pte W. G. Paul, 22nd Battalion. Fourth row: 2406 Pte F. H. Thompson; 4288 Pte Percival Herman Pieper (KIA 6 October 1918); 91 Pte T. A. Bath, 21st Battalion; 1174 Pte L. J. James, 23rd Battalion; 5460 Pte A. M. Myers; 1797 Pte H. E. K. Nurthen; 1820 Pte W. T. Tofield; 1785 Pte T. E. Knight; 4752 Pte F. J. Parkins MM; 326 Pte S. J. W. Smith; 5854 Pte H. H. Daymond; 1816 Pte T. O'Riley MM; 496 Pte T. L. Boyd; 5652 Pte H. F. Robley. Third row: 5409 Corporal (Cpl) George Hamilton Pilven, Australian Corps School (Died of wounds 17 October 1918), in front of Pte James; 3845 Cpl H. S. Ince; 2416 Acting Sergeant Major J. H. A. Thomas MM; Lieutenant (Lt) T. H. Scholfield MC MM; Lt J. C. Robertson MC; Lt W. C. Tomkin MC; Lt R. C. Pike; 1028 Sergeant (Sgt) T. Quade MM; 1981 Cpl G. Nelson MM; 565 Cpl F. Boughton MM; 2403 Pte L. Murphy. Third row: 6776 Pte P. J. Higgins, 22nd Battalion; 5965 Pte G. W. Hopkins, 23rd Battalion; 370 Pte G. A. Ellison; 2658 Pte G. A. Freeman, 21st Battalion; 772 Pte W. Muldoon, 21st Battalion; 4267 Pte A. S. Ali; 260 Pte R. H. Trott; 6770 Pte E. A. Ali; 117 Pte K. Parker; 767 Pte F. W. Wilkins; 2365 Pte W. R. Mullins, 21st Battalion; 1015 Pte R. H. Richards; 5178 Pte R. C. Bryant. Second row: 675 Pte H. W. Haynes, 24th Battalion (KIA 23 July 1918); 6303 Pte V. C. Dawson (KIA 13 August 1918); 1668 Pte W. R. Dyson; 2380 Pte W. G. Jones; 1843 Pte C. A. Robison; 2364 Pte H. P. Goldie; 6306 Pte J. T. Dobson; 1824 Pte E. C. White; 16155 Pte E. C. Manning; 4703 Pte J. H. Guyatt; 2463 Pte W. E. Baker MM. Front row: 71 Pte V. Ault; 3926 Pte J. Westhead.