Rivery, France. 26 June 1918. Group portrait of the Non-commissioned Officers of the 19th ...

Accession Number E02596
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Rivery
Date made 26 June 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Rivery, France. 26 June 1918. Group portrait of the Non-commissioned Officers of the 19th Battalion, near Amiens, while the Battalion was at rest. Back row, left to right: Corporal (Cpl) Ratcliffe (standing down); 4333 Sergeant (Sgt) Fred De Hopkins; Cpl Brown DCM; Sgt Mackenzie Lance Corporal (L Cpl) Kemp; 1525 L Cpl A. Crowther; L Cpl W. Pullen MM; Sgt Perks; 6012 Cpl Endicott; Cpl J. Fishwick; Cpl J. Nicholls; Cpl Saldern. Fourth row: 2051 L Cpl Linden John Lance; unidentified; Cpl Mooney; Cpl Allen; Cpl Roach; Cpl Flynn; Cpl Archer; Cpl O'Grady; Cpl Johnston; Cpl Ferguson; Cpl Murray; Cpl Purcell; 1729 Sgt S. Mattick; Sgt H. Copp; Sgt E. J. Kramer; Sgt J. Hall; Sgt Brown; 2882 Sgt Cock 701 Cpl J. F. Wilson; L Cpl L. Hastwell; L Cpl W. Murphy; Cpl G. H. Winter; Sgt J. Clarke; Sgt Franklin. Third row: Sgt C. Sinclair (in front of Mooney); Sgt T. White; Quartermaster Sergeant S. Penton; 620 Cpl J. Powell; 4513 Cpl E. W. Rangeley; Sgt D. Manker; 319 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) J. Scott DCM MM; Sgt Bradley; Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Lewis; CSM J. Devon; 1532 CSM Daniel Evershed, died of disease 29 November 1918; 282 CSM R. J. Morgan MM; 1686 Sgt T. Duffey; 2157 Cpl W. H. Dempsey; 655 Sgt W. Saxby; 6767 Sgt A. C. McInnes; 649 Sgt T. Sadler; 664 Sgt W. F. A. G. Smith; 2700 Sgt Kingsley Bagot Stack; 2711 Sgt P. J. Barnett; 4457 Cpl S. A. B. Jones; 2169 Sgt L. Lloyd (foreward). Second row: 239 Cpl W. A. Green MM; 1297A L Cpl Frederick Blakney Wakefield; Sgt C. Harris MM; Sgt W. J. Miles MM; Cpl N. P. Olson MM; Sgt J. Mathers; 2227 Sgt F. V. Tuxworth DCM Croix de Guerre; 404 Cpl R. J. Seaton; 2271 Cpl A. F. Goodman; Sgt J. Done; Sgt W. Vane; 2419 L Cpl Henry Oswald Iverach; Cpl S. Walker 340 Staff Sergeant E. J. Turner MSM; 5545 Cpl E. S. Campbell; Sgt C. Evans MSM; 2233 L Cpl P. Walker; L Cpl W. Barlow; 4695 L Cpl W. Cowan unidentified. Front row: 341 Cpl J. F. H. Turton; 4353 Cpl S. L. Adams; L Cpl T. Connolly; 6079 Cpl B. S. J. harding MM; 412 Cpl L. Lewis MM; 2286 Cpl D. F. Moriathy; 2171 Cpl E. Locock MM; 4974 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Thomas Baldwin MM; 6051 Sgt T. P. Collins; 5373 L Cpl W. E. Mitchell; 4700 L Cpl W. E. Edwards; 4052 L Cpl A. A. Anderson; 2509 L Cpl T. E. Patterson; 1653 Pte J. C. Badger; 5652 L Cpl M. Buckley MM; 4973 Cpl G. Baldwin MM; 5628 Cpl Herbert Stewart Shannon MM, killed in action 31 August 1918; 269 Sgt W. Lochens MM; 1962 Sgt A. H. McIndoe; Sgt Moseley.