Yonville, France. 24 October 1918. Group portrait of the Officers of the 9th Australian Infantry ...

Accession Number E03664
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Abbeville, Yonville
Date made 24 October 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Yonville, France. 24 October 1918. Group portrait of the Officers of the 9th Australian Infantry Brigade. Identified: Lieutenant (Lt) D. McNeill, 33rd Battalion (1); Lt H. G. Hayman, 33rd Battalion (2); Lt G. E. Hodges, 34th Battalion (3); Lt R. T. Kerslake, 34th Battalion (4); Lt L. R. O. Stahle, 34th Battalion (5); Lt W. Stewart, 34th Battalion (6); Lt C. S. Brandreth, 34th Battalion (7); Lt H. R. Mailer, 9th Trench Mortar Battery (8); Lt C. Parkes, 34th Battalion (9); Lt E. Fallick, 35th Battalion (10); Lt A. N. Jenkin, 34th Battalion (11); unidentified member of the 33rd Battalion (12); Lt R. C. King MC, 33rd Battalion (13); Lt E. A. Clarence, 33rd Battalion (14); Major (Maj) M. H. Cruickshank, 33rd Battalion (15); Captain (Capt) R. Sayers MC, 35th Battalion (16); Lieutenant Colonel L. J. Moorshead DSO, 33rd Battalion (17); Colonel (Temporary Brigadier General) H. A. Goddard CMG DSO, General Officer Commanding the 9th Brigade (18); Maj H. L. E. D. Wheeler, 34th Battalion (19); Capt R. C. Nowland, 9th Trench Mortar Battery (20); Lt G. J. P. Finlayson, 35th Battalion (21); Lt B. M. O'Connor MC MM, 35th Battalion (22); Lt E. A. Phillips, 34th Battalion (23); Lt H. J. Cole, 33rd Battalion (24); unidentified (25); Lt L. J. Jobson, 33rd Battalion (26); Lt H. C. Bale, 33rd Battalion (27); Capt A. S. McLean, 33rd Battalion (28); Capt J. L. Fry, 33rd Battalion (29); Capt H. H. Dixon, 9th Australian Infantry Brigade Headquarters (30); Capt S. A. Jackson MC, 3rd Divisional Headquarters (31); Capt J. G. Paterson MC, 9th Brigade Headquarters (32); Chaplain J. Calder, 9th Brigade (33); Capt R. V. Lathlean MC and Bar, 35th Battalion (34); Lt M. E. Lyne, 35th Battalion (35); unidentified (36); Capt N. S. Cains MC, 34th Battalion (37); Capt T. G. Gilder MC, 34th Battalion (38); Capt R. A. Goldrick, 33rd Battalion (39); Lt G. Halford, 9th Brigade Headquarters (40); Lt A. S. H. Gifford, 3rd Division Signals Company (41); Capt A. C. Carmichael, 33rd Battalion (42); Lt F. W. Howie, 3rd Division Signals Company (43); Lt E. D. Redfern, 35th Battalion (44); Lt D. L. McKenzie, 35th Battalion (45); Lt H. S. Wyndham, 35th Battalion (46); Lt A. Murray MC, 35th Battalion (47); Lt H. M. Buntine, 35th Battalion (48); Lt C. R. Cox MC, 35th Battalion (49); Lt F. Borrows, 35th Battalion (50); Lt E. J. Mountain MC, 33rd Battalion (51); Lt J. Garrett, 33rd Battalion (52); unidentified (53); Lt K. P. Stutchbury, 33rd Battalion (54); Lt H. R. McLeod MC, 34th Battalion (55); Capt C. E. Watson MC, 34th Battalion (56); Lt A. Gibson Farleigh, 34th Battalion (57); Lt D. F. Granter, 34th Battalion (58); Lt S. R. Nicklin, 34th Battalion (59); Lt T. B. Norman MC, 34th Battalion (60); Lt G. Barclay, 34th Battalion (61); Lt S. H. Hubbard, 34th Battalion (62); Lt C. J. Henry, 35th Battalion (63); Lt N. B. D'Arcy MC, 35th Battalion (64). See E03664K for position of those named in this caption.

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