Group portrait of the 9th Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery, shortly after coming out of the ...

Accession Number E03698
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Abbeville, Yonville
Date made 24 October 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Group portrait of the 9th Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery, shortly after coming out of the line. The Battery was distributed to Battalions on 24 January 1919, all but two other ranks being attached to the 34th Battalion. Identified left to right, back row: 1705 Gunner (Gnr) J. H. Wells; 1550 Gnr C. S. Fox; 2027 Gnr C. W. Antaw; 1390 Gnr W. McGee; Gnr G. Garlick; Gnr J. Dickenson; 5097A Gnr R. A. Abbott; 1448 Gnr J. Scott; 3342 Gnr J. Marriss; 1419 Gnr H. Mills; Lance Corporal (L Cpl) W. P. Marr. Fourth row: 2092 Corporal (Cpl) G. E. Lowder; 1284 Cpl Thomas Young Wardhaugh MSM; 1168 Gnr H. W. Leggett; 3120 Gnr J. T. Rose; Cpl L. J. Lynch MM; 3072 Gnr A. J. Jenkins; 2775 Gnr A. H. Capell; 882 Gnr A. S. Rooke; 1855 Sergeant (Sgt) W. A. Hall; 448 Sgt Albert Erle Hapgood MM and Bar MM; Cpl G. O. Nilson. Third row: 3657 Gnr A. Lynn; 3094 Gnr Daniel Livington McLachlan 3058 Gnr M. J. Grogan; 3415 Gnr P. O. Hamilton; 1446 Gnr P. T. Healy; 522 Gnr A. Newburn; 2331 Gnr J. Hogan; 1799 Gnr P. V. O'Brien; 3312 Gnr W. Giles; 3665 Gnr S. L. Moody; 1093 Gnr S. Clough; Gnr R. Hyde. Second row: 1603 Gnr B. Smith; 1577 Gnr George Scanlen Makim; 529 Gnr T. J. Olsen; Lieutenant (Lt) E. D. Redfern; Captain (Capt) R. C. Nowland; Lt H. R. Mailer; 2786 Gnr K. C. Davis; 2538 Gnr T. W. Byrnes; 1754 Gnr W. R. Blevin; 1400A Gnr A. A. E. Hayes. Front row: Gnr R. H. Lees; 1299 Gnr A. E. Churchill; 862 Gnr N. Neilson; 2639 Gnr S. W. Sawyer; 2554 Gnr W. Dixon; 7448 Gnr H. J. Bromham; 2632 Gnr W. W. Farrugia; 992 Gnr G. F. Fisher; 2891 Gnr L. A. Watts; 1597 Gnr J. H. Smith; 141 Cpl M. E. Moylan.