Reference image only to provide position detail for those named. This image is not for sale. ...

Accession Number E03664K
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Print silver gelatin
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Abbeville, Yonville
Date made 24 October 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Reference image only to provide position detail for those named. This image is not for sale. Yonville, France. 24 October 1918. Group portrait of the Officers of the 9th Australian Infantry Brigade. Identified: Lieutenant (Lt) D. McNeill, 33rd Battalion (1); Lt H. G. Hayman, 33rd Battalion (2); Lt G. E. Hodges, 34th Battalion (3); Lt R. T. Kerslake, 34th Battalion (4); Lt L. R. O. Stahle, 34th Battalion (5); Lt W. Stewart, 34th Battalion (6); Lt C. S. Brandreth, 34th Battalion (7); Lt H. R. Mailer, 9th Trench Mortar Battery (8); Lt C. Parkes, 34th Battalion (9); Lt E. Fallick, 35th Battalion (10); Lt A. N. Jenkin, 34th Battalion (11); unidentified member of the 33rd Battalion (12); Lt R. C. King MC, 33rd Battalion (13); Lt E. A. Clarence, 33rd Battalion (14); Major (Maj) M. H. Cruickshank, 33rd Battalion (15); Captain (Capt) R. Sayers MC, 35th Battalion (16); Lieutenant Colonel L. J. Moorshead DSO, 33rd Battalion (17); Colonel (Temporary Brigadier General) H. A. Goddard CMG DSO, General Officer Commanding the 9th Brigade (18); Maj H. L. E. D. Wheeler, 34th Battalion (19); Capt R. C. Nowland, 9th Trench Mortar Battery (20); Lt G. J. P. Finlayson, 35th Battalion (21); Lt B. M. O'Connor MC MM, 35th Battalion (22); Lt E. A. Phillips, 34th Battalion (23); Lt H. J. Cole, 33rd Battalion (24); unidentified (25); Lt L. J. Jobson, 33rd Battalion (26); Lt H. C. Bale, 33rd Battalion (27); Capt A. S. McLean, 33rd Battalion (28); Capt J. L. Fry, 33rd Battalion (29); Capt H. H. Dixon, 9th Australian Infantry Brigade Headquarters (30); Capt S. A. Jackson MC, 3rd Divisional Headquarters (31); Capt J. G. Paterson MC, 9th Brigade Headquarters (32); Chaplain J. Calder, 9th Brigade (33); Capt R. V. Lathlean MC and Bar, 35th Battalion (34); Lt M. E. Lyne, 35th Battalion (35); unidentified (36); Capt N. S. Cains MC, 34th Battalion (37); Capt T. G. Gilder MC, 34th Battalion (38); Capt R. A. Goldrick, 33rd Battalion (39); Lt G. Halford, 9th Brigade Headquarters (40); Lt A. S. H. Gifford, 3rd Division Signals Company (41); Capt A. C. Carmichael, 33rd Battalion (42); Lt F. W. Howie, 3rd Division Signals Company (43); Lt E. D. Redfern, 35th Battalion (44); Lt D. L. McKenzie, 35th Battalion (45); Lt H. S. Wyndham, 35th Battalion (46); Lt A. Murray MC, 35th Battalion (47); Lt H. M. Buntine, 35th Battalion (48); Lt C. R. Cox MC, 35th Battalion (49); Lt F. Borrows, 35th Battalion (50); Lt E. J. Mountain MC, 33rd Battalion (51); Lt J. Garrett, 33rd Battalion (52); unidentified (53); Lt K. P. Stutchbury, 33rd Battalion (54); Lt H. R. McLeod MC, 34th Battalion (55); Capt C. E. Watson MC, 34th Battalion (56); Lt A. Gibson Farleigh, 34th Battalion (57); Lt D. F. Granter, 34th Battalion (58); Lt S. R. Nicklin, 34th Battalion (59); Lt T. B. Norman MC, 34th Battalion (60); Lt G. Barclay, 34th Battalion (61); Lt S. H. Hubbard, 34th Battalion (62); Lt C. J. Henry, 35th Battalion (63); Lt N. B. D'Arcy MC, 35th Battalion (64).

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