Bertangles, France. 20 July 1918. Group portrait of Lieutenant General Sir John Monash KCB VD, ...

Accession Number E02766
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass transparency (positive)
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Picardie, Somme, Corbie Albert Area, Querrieu
Date made 20 July 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Bertangles, France. 20 July 1918. Group portrait of Lieutenant General Sir John Monash KCB VD, and Staff Officers at Australian Corps Headquarters. Identified: Colonel G. W. Barber CMG DSO, Deputy Director of Medical Services (1); Brigadier General (Brig Gen) L. D. Fraser CB CMG, BGHA (2); Brig Gen C. H. Foott CMG, CE (3); Brig Gen Thomas A. Blamey CMG DSO, BGGS (4); Lieutenant General Sir John Monash KCB VD, Corps Commander (5); Brig Gen R. A. Carruthers CB CMG, Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General (DAQMG) (6); Brig Gen W. A. Coxen CMG DSO, General Officer Commanding, Royal Artillery (7); Colonel A. O. Jenny, Commandant of Labor (8); Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) E. T. Leane, Assistant Director of Ordnance Services (9); Lt Col G. C. Somerville CMG DSO, Assistant Quartermaster General (10); Lt Col A. M. Martyn CMG DSO, Commander, Royal Engineers (CRE), CT (11); Lt Col H. D. K. Macartney DSO, General Service Officer 2 (GSO2), Royal Artillery (RA) (12); Captain (Capt) A. M. Moss, Aide de camp (ADC) (13); Capt P. W. Simonson, ADC (14); Lt Col F. J. Alderson, S of P & BT, AIF (15); Lt Col T. Matson DSO, ADVS (16); Major (Maj) J. T. McColl MC, GSO2 (17); Maj E. O. Milne DSO, DAQMG (18); Maj F. K. Officer MC, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (19); Maj R. G. Casey DSO MC, GSO2 T (20); Maj S. A. Hunn MC, GSO2 I. (21); Maj F. W. Lawson DSO, WSO (22); Maj T. G. Millner MC, Chief Technical Officer (23); Maj W. W. Berry, Camp Commandant (24); Maj E. G. Radford DSO, Acting Machine Gun Officer (25); Maj S. Mitchell, Camps Officer (26); Maj C. L. Chapman DSO, Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services (27); Maj G. Davey MC, DAD Roads (28); Capt J. N. Kennedy, Battalion Major, HA (29); Capt J. Roydhouse MC, G Trainee (30); Capt E. J. Chenery MC, SC, Royal Artillery (31); Capt H. B. Sewell MC, SO Recon, RA (32); Capt R. C. A. Anderson, SO, Q. (33); Lt H. J. Lane, Adjutant, Motor Transport Section (34); Capt E. M. Johnson, CCMO (35); Capt F. Harrison, Assistant Comdandant of Labor (36); Capt W. H. T. Long, Adjutant to Comdandant of Labor (37); Capt C. J. Fletcher, DADPS (38); Capt H. J. Cobb, Corps Horse Adviser (39); Capt H. W. Acland-Troyte, SC, HA (40); Capt F. Orange, French Gendarmerie (41); Lt W. J. Mulholland, Education Department, AIF (42); Capt R. C. Wertheim, Intelligence (43); Capt A. G. Shearman DSO MC, 'I' Trainee (44); Capt W. H. Kaighin, Acting Paymaster (45); Lt H. S. Buchanan, Officer Commanding Topograpahical Section (46); Lt J. J. Raisbeck, Topo (47); Lt A. J. R. Wimble, Chief Clerk (48); Lt A. M. Simpson, Intelligence (49); Lt A. N. Kemsley, 'Q' Trainee (50); Lt H. O. Townsend, Liaison Officer, DAG, AIF (51); Lt F. F. Christian MC, 'RE' Trainee (52); Lt P. L. Harris, Editor 'Aussie' (53); Lt H. R. G. S. Espley, A/CLRO (54); Lt H. de Floris, French Liaison Officer (55); Capt A. Edge, Australian Provost Corps (56); Lt M. Mauss, Acting Officer Commanding, French Mission (57); Lt T. Parnell, Acting CA (58); Lt L. L. Wrathall, Tunnelling Officer (59); Lt R. P. Penna, Australian Provost Corps (60); Lt F. G. Thorpe MC, Adjutant, CRE, CT (61); Mr C. E. W. Bean, Official War Correspondent (62); Lt J. L. Williams CMG, Australian Provost Corps (63); Capt R. J. W. Wilson MC, SC to CBSO (64); Capt W. E. Barclay, CA (65). See E02766K for position of those named in this caption.