Silk Postcard Collection

Accession Number RC00688
Collection type Published Collection
Record type Collection
Item count 1454
Object type Postcard
Maker Various
Date made 1914-1919
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

The Australian War Memorial has a collection of over 1000 woven, printed and embroidered silk postcards from the First World War, 1914-18. The majority of the collection are embroidered postcards. With a small number of the collection being woven or printed silk postcards. The themes covered include: Australian Themes, woven and printed silk postcards, general greetings, greetings to relatives, silk postcards embroidered Wife / Darling or Mother, Sister, birthday greetings, Christmas and New Year, units and camps, flags, France and Belgium. It also includes the following personal collections, L.W. Artlett Collection, Cpl S.H. Deakin Collection, Cpl E.E. Payne Collection, McCaw Collection, Druery Collection, E.E. Croft Collection, Bray Collection, Grace Day Collection, Rose Collection, Dulcie Whyte [nee Smith] Collection, Heazle Collection, Thompson Collection, Farrar Collection, Pritchard Collection, Maddigan Collection, and Thornton Collection.