ID numberE00343
Collection typePhotograph
Object typeBlack & white - Glass original negative other
Place madeFrance: Picardie, Somme, Albert Bapaume Area, Bapaume
Date madeMarch 1917
DescriptionMembers of the 2nd Pioneer Battalion filling in one of the several large craters caused by German mines on the main Bapaume Road between Le Sars and Bapaume. This crater, the nearest to Bapaume, was forty five feet wide and forty feet deep. In order to allow artillery and motor lorries to move forward, timber and corduroy tracks were hastilly built on either side of the cavity, which was later filled in after the advancing troops had pushed on. Identified, but some positiions unknown: 2716 Private Percival Thomas Sharrock, right foreground; Lieutenant Gilbert James Furnell (later killed at Swan Chateau near Ypres 19 September 1917), directly behind Sharrock; 4921 Sergeant A B Thomas, behind Furnell, standing straight; 4901 Private J J Stacey, position unknown.