Meteren, France. 6 March 1918. Group portrait of the NCOs of the 47th Battalion. Left to right, ...

Accession Number E01789
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Nord Pas de Calais, Nord, Meteren
Date made 6 March 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Meteren, France. 6 March 1918. Group portrait of the NCOs of the 47th Battalion. Left to right, back row: Sergeant (Sgt) J. Langtry; Lance Corporal (LCpl) E. Thurecht; unidentified; LCpl W. M. Dilger; 2193 LCpl J. W. K. Kennedy; 3406 Corporal (Cpl) Seegar MM; 4628 Cpl R. W. Pentecost; 4023 Cpl S. J. Banfield MM; unidentified; Sgt Hatfield; 2189 LCpl Johnston; 1985 Sgt L. J. Carroll; 2344 Cpl P. C. Bolberson; Sgt S. Russell; Sgt ?Raggett; 3295 Sgt G. Fitzgerald; unidentified; 4949 Sgt L. Franks DCM MM; LCpl J. L. Squires; Cpl Hoff; 1877 Cpl J. Pitchford; unidentified; unidentified; 3418 LCpl. A. Davies; unidentified; unidentified; 3040 Sgt T. Weir; 3114 LCpl A. Bain. Third row: LCpl Lomhmann; unidentified; Sgt T. Fitzgerald; 2280 Sgt H. S. Williams; 3244 Sgt L. Burton; 2569 Sgt A. A. Hurman MM; Sgt Zalmnieter MM; 4072 Sgt J. Stewart MM (bombing); 1762 Sgt E. D. Watson; 2795 Sgt H. Speering; 2378 Sgt M. McManus; next four men unidentified; Cpl Smith; 3180 Sgt R. Wilson; 2668 Sgt Keenan; 3035 Sgt J. Carroll; 4627 Sgt G. Herman; 165 Sgt J. McLeish; 3070 Sgt G. E. Effeney; 4218 Sgt C. Newham (Band); 5149 Cpl Oliphant; 2860 Cpl A. McIver MM; 4432 Sgt Barnecott (Lewis gun); LCpl Leyland; Sgt J. Langtry; LCpl E. Thurecht. Second row: unidentified; unidentified; 2792 Sgt J. McL. Stafford; 2759 Sgt F. Scott MM; unidentified; 3443 Sgt F. H. Johnson; 2459 Sgt J. M. Kelly; unidentified; 2792 Sgt J. Coll MM; 2601 Sgt McManus; 1611 Sgt D. W. Dickson DCM; Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) W. Rayner MM, B Company; 3196 CQMS C. C. Pitt MSM, D Company; 1612 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) C. Davies, A Company; CSM H. Hare DCM, D Company; 1701 Regimental Sergeant Major H. Lindsay MC; 1650 CSM N. Hills, B Company; 1961 CSM W. Tweeddell MM, C Company; 3007A Sgt C. A. Arnall, Orderly Room Sergeant; 2781 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) M. E. Mills; 1124 Sgt A. Murray; Sgt L. Hogg; 2226 Sgt Lawrence MM; 4016 Sgt W. J. H. Turner; Sgt Cugley; 2856 Sgt H. Clift MM; 3842 Sgt J. H. Stewart; 2966 Sgt F. W. Keating, Shoe Maker; 4456 Sgt H. H. Bridgett; 1780 Acting Sgt O. T. Holland. Front row: unidentified; unidentified; Cpl G. Graham; 5147 Sgt J. Young MM, Stretcher Bearer; unidentified; LCpl C. Wonderly MM; LCpl Privott; Cpl W. H. Kenny MM: 2043 Cpl N. Lagutin MM, Post Orderly; 3285 Cpl J. W. A. McNeill, Battalion Orderly Room (BOR) Clerk; 3389 Cpl A. F. McLaren MM, runner; LCpl M. Hawkins; Cpl Nallins; 5166 Cpl P. Rackley, Clerk B Company; 4554 LCpl P. Peach; 3186 Cpl McLeod; Cpl Staley; Cpl B. Platt, A Company.

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