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ID number E01815
Collection Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer (Photographer)
Place made Belgium: Western Front (Belgium), Ypres Area, Locre
Date made 21 February 1918


Locre, Belgium. 21 February 1918. Group portrait of the NCOs of the 5th Battalion. Left to right, back row: Corporal J. C. Skinner (standing slightly forward); Cpl B. Frank; Cpl M. D. Philliponi; Cpl C. Chapman; Cpl G. Booley; Cpl A. C. Scott; Cpl Finlay; Cpl L. A. Hill; Cpl G. Muir; unidentified; Cpl W. Cooper; Cpl A. H. G. Lucas; Cpl H. Catherwood; Cpl H. Chambers; Cpl M. R. Allison; Cpl J. G. Leslie MM: Cpl Murphy; Cpl E. J. Burke; unidentified; Cpl W. Moore DCM; unidentified; unidentified; Lance Corporal (LCpl) C. H. J. Tulk; next three men unidentified; LCpl W. A. Simms; LCpl C. McClusky (partially obscured); unidentified (partially obscured). Third row: LCpl Zumstein; LCpl H. Smith; Cpl P. Mann; LCpl A. Johnson (standing slightly back); unidentified; Cpl E. Atkins; Sergeant (Sgt) A. J. McNiff; Lance Sergeant (LSgt) V. Standing; Sgt J. Mounsey; Acting Sergeant C. Lanman; 2716 Sgt C. Anderson; Sgt P. Cundy; Sergeant A. H. Shackel, Orderly Room Sergeant; Sgt J. Patterson; 1651 Sgt R. A. Brabazon (Died of wounds 26 June 1918); Sgt Taylor; Sgt G. T. Piper DCM; 3972 Sgt W. Woods; Sgt J. McMillen; LCpl Dunne; LCpl Storey; LCpl N. R. Storish; Cpl J. McLeod; Cpl T. Cass; 6252 Cpl J. P. Fogarty; LCpl F. J. Pickett; LSgt A. W. Murray; LCpl Lindsay; LCpl Volumn; LCpl Kilday. Second row: LCpl P. Marshall; LCpl F. Power; LCpl J. Jackson; Sgt T. Killoway; Sgt J. C. Rowles; Sgt A. Morrison; Sgt J. Foster; Sgt J. L. Lovelock; Sgt R. Hagar MM; Sgt C. Phillips MM; Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) T. J. Luig; Sergeant (Cook) E. Pratt; 835 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) W. H. McDonald; Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) A. H. P. Flemming MC; CSM R. Mason MM; CQMS Bloustein; LSgt G. Paice; Sgt P. Norman MM; Sgt C. Power; Cpl W. H. Anderson; Cpl L. E. Maurice; Sgt S. E. Messenger; Sgt H. Hewson; Sgt P. V. Warr; LSgt Bowman; LCpl McDonald (kneeling); LCpl J. Green (kneeling). Front row: unidentified; LCpl A. B. Allen; unidentified; LCpl P. Muir; LCpl McCallum; LCpl Cameron; LCpl C. Ginsher; LCpl H. Fone; LCpl M. C. Orlon; unidentified; LCpl Box; LCpl F. A. Mills; unidentified; unidentified; LCpl Buckingham MM; LCpl H. R. Crook; LCpl A. Jones; LCpl W. A. Allman; LCpl F. E. Tubbs; LCpl F. H. Butler; unidentified; LCpl F. Le Grande; LCpl D. Orchard; unidentified; 484 LCpl J. C. Maynard.