The landing at ANZAC Cove

Date from 25 April 1915
Date to 25 April 1915
Place Anzac Beach
Category Event
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

As part of the attempt to seize the Gallipoli Peninsula in order to suppress the Turkish defences guarding the Dardanelles, military landings were made at Cape Helles at the southern tip of the peninsula (the main landing) and on the west coast near Ari Burnu. At this secondary objective two Divisions of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landed in the darkness and faced rugged and difficult country. Units mixed up on their arrival rushed inland and became separated from the main force, which came under growing fire from the Turkish defenders. While Turkish reinforcements arrived, the ANZAC position became increasingly precarious as the assaulting force failed to secure their initial objectives. Falling back on improvised and shallow entrenchments the ANZACs held on for a crucial first night. By that first evening 16,000 men had been landed; of those over 2,000 Australians had been killed or wounded.