A H Noad film


A patriotic montage from various sources. Includes scenes from Ashmead Barlett's footage taken at Gallipoli including several scenes not included in F00069 With the Dardanelles Expedition: heroes of Gallipoli. (see F08484). Re-enactments of Gallipoli landing at Tamarama Bay, Sydney, taken from the silent drama film "The Hero of the Dardanelles" (1915). British naval footage. Turkish footage (most likely taken after the war). Funeral of General Bridges. Demobilisation of the AIF in France. E G Honey the man who conceived the 'silence' for Remembrance Day. Mudros, wreath cast into the ocean for those who lost their lives at sea. Anzac Cove Remembrance. Cemetery and memorials. Field Marshal Allenby.

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