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ID numberF07001
Collection typeFilm
TitleTobruk, 30th July to 22nd October
Measurement28 min
DownloadDownload video 126.21 MB
Object typeActuality footage
MakerMonro, Ronald Keith
Place made
  • British Mandate of Palestine: Palestine
  • Egypt: Alexandria
  • North Africa: Libya, Cyrenaica, Tobruk Area, Tobruk
Date made30 July 1941-22 October 1941
DescriptionThe day by day story of Tobruk. The leisure hours, the bombing and the wounded. Scenes of bomb damaged Tobruk. Sunken ships in Tobruk harbour. The wrecked Insect Class gunboat HMS Lady Bird and anti-aircraft gun and crew on the ship's deck. Men from the 8th Battalion (Bn) 3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Regt) firing an Italian 20mm Breda A/A gun mounted on a truck. Bomb exploding in the harbour area. Loading of supplies from barges onto motor trucks and narrow gauge train. Train moves up the line into Senussi Cave. Various shots of the movement of stores and ammunition. Sequence showing the loading and firing of a captured Italian 149 mm gun. Various scenes at 2/23rd Bn HQ Wadi. 2/33rd Bn 'Bush artillery' firing captured Italian guns. Various scenes of Matilda tanks, Crusader tanks and Bren Gun Carriers. More scenes of 2/23rd Bn 'Bush artillery' in action. Various scenes of the men's living conditions in Tobruk. Mess parade on the beach. Soldier's mascot a dog named "Bofor". Troops messing reading letters and being issued vitamin C pills. Production of the newspaper the 'Tobruk Truth'. Dummy Hurricane aircraft and camouflaged hangars housing real Hawker Hurricanes. Scenes of Hurricane leaving hangar and taking off. Mine clearing action. Patrol of the 2/27 Bn pass through the wire into No Man's Land at Post R27. Scenes of wounded at desert Casualty Clearing Station and movement by ambulance to 4 Australian General Hospital (AGH) at Tobruk. Wounded being treated at 4 AGH. Italian and German POWs. Sequence featuring men of the Polish Carpathian Brigade. Polish church service held in a gun emplacement. Sequence of soldiers 'fishing' with explosives. VX18855 Gunner Jeffrey Combe 3 Australian Anti Tank Regiment of Launceston firing a Boys Anti-tank Rifle. Tobruk War Cemetery and graves of NX15705 Corporal (Cpl) Edmondson VC and VX45220 Cpl R. Barassi, 7 Div. Supply Coy. Arrival of General Morshead at Alexandria Harbour by destroyer. Wounded being moved from destroyer HMS Kimberley (pennant number G50) into awaiting ambulances on the quayside. Palestine and General Blamey takes salute at a march past of troops. Ends with sunset over Tobruk Cemetery Memorial. Identified personnel: VX47819 Colonel Bernard Evans CO 2/23 Bn; Lieutenant (Lieut) Harry Marshall, 2/23 Bn; VX48595 Captain John McDonald Agar shown playing chinese checkers with Colonel Evans; Lieut A N McKay; VX40152 Pte Lenard Percy Wenborn 2/23 Bn map specialist; VX48258 Captain Gilbert Ferguson Urquhart 2/23 Bn ; Lieut Howard; Sgt Bill Williams; Lieut F S Aldercotte (Royal Engineers).

Please note: The film and sound collections of the Australian War Memorial includes items which may contain: historically or culturally sensitive images and terms, confronting depictions of the consequences of warfare, and/or, human suffering or death. This material does not reflect the viewpoint of the Memorial, but rather is representative of the social attitudes and circumstances of the period or place in which it was created and also the reality and human cost of warfare.

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