Lieutenant Colonel Colin Hugh Boyd Norman

Service number W243944, WX3421
Ranks Held Captain, Lieutenant Colonel
Birth Date 1904-02-20
Birth Place Australia: New South Wales, Sydney
Death Date 1996-06-25
Final Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Service Australian Army
  • 24th A-Tk Co
  • 2/28th Australian Infantry Battalion
Place Sydney
  • Second World War, 1939-1945
  • Second World War, 1939-1945
Gazettes Published in London Gazette in 1944-01-20
Published in London Gazette in 1941-08-19
Published in Commonwealth Gazette in 1943-12-02



Date of birth 20 February 1904
Date and unit at enlinstment (ORs) 02 February 1939
Interwar Service 1 02 February 1939 Tpr 10th Light Horse
Interwar Service 2 01 May 1939 CPlatoon 25th Light Horse(MG)
Date commissioned 28 September 1939
Career summary 2 1939-12 Camp
Career summary 4 05 July 1940 Recruit Reception Depot Claremont (Asst QM and Catering Offr)
Career summary 5 08 August 1940 captain 2/28th battalion
Career summary 6 09 August 1940 seconded officer commanding 24th Brigade anti tank Company
Career summary 8 30 January 1941 arrived Middle East
Career summary 9 1941-02-07 - 1941-03-28 attached Headquarters 24th Br
Career summary 10 28 June 1941 Military Cross
Career summary 11 19 October 1941 attached Headquarters AIF Middle East 12
Career summary 12 02 November 1941 attached Headquarters 9thDivision
Career summary 13 1941-12-07 - 1941-01-31 course Middle East Tactical School #8 Motor Contact officers Course
Career summary 14 11 December 1941 liaison officer
Career summary 15 30 January 1942 major
Career summary 16 06 August 1942 returned to unit 2iC (2/28th battalion )
Career summary 17 1942-09-18 - 1942-10-15 course Middle East Tactical Sc
Career summary 18 1942-12-31 - 1943-01-13 course Middle East Combined Operations School
Career summary 19 18 February 1943 Returned to Australia (Fremantle)
Career summary 20 18 July 1943 attached Headquarters 9thDivision13
Career summary 21 22 July 1943 temporary lieutenant colonel, commanding officer 2/28th battalion
Appointment 1943-07-22 - 1945-07-30 Battalion: 2/28th; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: 2iC 2/28th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: demobilised
Career summary 22 11 August 1943 arrived Milne Bay
Career summary 23 06 December 1943 Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
Career summary 24 22 December 1943 medical malaria 6
Career summary 25 20 January 1944 lieutenant colonel (bd 22 Jul 43)
Career summary 26 28 January 1944 Returned to Australia (Townsville )
Career summary 27 25 March 1944 attached Headquarters 9thDivision
Career summary 28 15 April 1944 medical (tinea)
Career summary 29 27 April 1944 returned to unit (2/28th battalion )
Career summary 30 1944-05-29 - 1944-07-15 medical (mala
Career summary 31 1944-07-19 - 1944-07-31 course Command and Staff Cse, Comb Operations S
Career summary 32 20 September 1944 medical (furonculosis) 1
Career summary 33 1945-02-21 - 1945-04-09 course Land Headquarters Tactical senior offi
Career summary 34 1945-04-09 - 1945-05-05 attached Planning
Career summary 35 21 April 1945 arrived Morotai
Career summary 36 30 May 1945 arrived B North Borneo
Career summary 37 30 July 1945 relinquished command 2/28th battalion
Career summary 38 12 August 1945 Returned to Australia
Career summary 39 27 October 1945 Reserve of Officers
Career summary 41 01 April 1948 commanding officer 11/44th battalion
Career summary 44 1949-01-11 - 1953-01-11 aide de camp to Governor General
Career summary 42 01 July 1951 brigadier command 13th Brigade
Career summary 43 20 February 1953 Reserve of Officers
Career summary 45 20 November 1962 honourary colonel Australian Cdt Corps (W Comd)
Date of death 25 June 1996
Career summary 1 lieutenant 25th Light Horse(MG)
Career summary 3 Camp Mar
Career summary 40 *** POST WAR ***
Career summary 7 course anti tank 14 Nov
Citations 2 'On the morning of the 2 May 41, Capt Norman, who is in charge of the 24 Aust A/Tk Coy, was ordered to place his guns in position near the Western perimeter defences at TOBRUK. He selected the sites for the guns, and cuased them to be placed in position. At about 0800 60 tks entered the perimeter. The guns of the A.Tk Coy (reconditioned Italian 47mm, without shields or protection) were responsible for putting 4 tks out of commission even though subject to heavy arty and M.G. fire from the tks, and M.G. fire from ground positions. The recces made by Capt NORMAN and control of his company during the action were largely responsible for the success gained. Throughout the morning, the bearing and cheerfulness of this officer ddid much to inspire his men, and the excellent handling of his guns was a big feature in holding up the penetration by large numbers of enemy tanks.'
Citations 3 -Ext Sheet DW 3/41, LG 35250/41
Citations 5 'In the campaign against LAE 6-15 Sep 43. The 2/28 Bn were commanded and led by Lt/Col C.H.B. NORMAN, M.C.
Citations 6 This outstanding officer was ordered to cross the BUSU River - a raging torrent some 40 yds wide. Repeated attempts tto cross by small units had failed. At 1730 hrs 9 Sep Lt/Col. NORMAN advanced with his whole Bn in battle formation, entered the river and although company after company were swept off their feet and carried down stream, there was no faltering. Lt/Col NORMAN landed the great bulk of hiss Bn and rapidly reorganising, led them against the enemy.
Citations 7 He established a bridgehead for the Bde killing 111 Japs, and capturing enemy weapons and equipment. By Sep 14 Lt/Col NORMAN had led action after action without pause or rest until he was astride the main North South Road at MALAHANG Anchorage.
Citations 8 Lt/Col NORMAN led and fought his Bn to a pphysical standstill, accouting for hundreds of Japs killed and unknown number wounded. Field guns, LMGs, MMGs, 20 MM AA Guns all fell before his onslaught. Every objective given him by Brigade HQ was taken with the utmost despatch. On more than one occaison he was cut off from the bulk of his comd so keen was he to b in everything. By his outstanding and courageous offensive leadership Lt/Col NORMAN set the standart [sic] for the whole Bn, and his opposed river crossing paved the way for the subsequent successful operations of the Bde.'
Citations 9 -Ext Sheet DW30/41, LG 36337/44
WW2 Service 1 Benghazi
WW2 Service 2 El Alamein
WW2 Service 3 New Guinea