Occupation of Kuala Belait, Brunei and Seria

Accession Number F07230
Collection type Film
Measurement 10 min
Object type Actuality footage
Physical description 35mm/b&w/silent
Maker Hardy, Douglas Charles
Rainsford, Ross John
Place made Borneo: Brunei Bay Area, Kuala Belait, Borneo: Brunei Bay Area, Seria
Date made 28 June 1945-26 July 1945
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Captain A. W. Smith Officer in command of the 9th Australian Division Provost Company, entering Prisoner of War (POW) compound where Japanese POWs and collaborators are kept. The prisoners on parade for identity check. Captain A. W. Smith, inspecting Japanese POW. Close ups of Japanese soldiers Hayashi Tadawyashi and Shimono Tadashi. Right turn, salute, the drill carried out when parade is dismissed. Entrance to the 2/1 Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) in Division area. Dentist at work on open veranda of theatre block in the Casualty Clearing Station. Tented wards in the CCS the first to be in operation on Labuan Island. Patients and sisters in Hospital grounds. NX124490 Lieutenant Arthur Wakefield Horner of Military History Section. Provost standing at crossroads. Entrance to the 9th Australian Division . Road signs tell of the whereabouts of units. Cpl O. Warner, directing traffic at crossroads. Bareheaded soldiers look for graves of their friends in the Cemetery. Grave of WX10730 Cpl W.A. Jackson, 2/28th Australian Infantry Battalion, killed in action 10th June 1945 with soldiers looking down. Tents being manhandled on the site where the 2/6th AGH will be. Cases containing hospital stores. Cases of supplies being moved around the hospital area by means of a hand trolley. Leader of the trolley team “in the traces”. On guard over the stores (soldier sits on top of a box reading a book). Showing Prisoner of War Compound with natives clearing drains. Close up of sign for Beaufort. General view of Beaufort Railway Station with jeep locomotive backing out. Natives waiting for the jeep train. Northbound train pulls out of station carrying troops towards Jesselton for Recce Patrol. Tacked on side of railway carriage this sign tells AIF troops who have 5 years service, to get the train here for Australia. 9 Division colour patch decorates the side of this locomotive. Trainload of bridge girders and passengers bound for Mempakul. Rail trolley being lifted on the line. The Japanese left behind a motor cycle, the engine of which drives this trolley. 2/122 Australian Brigade Workshop, AEME making spare part for burned out loco in the railway yards. Hammering a tyre made in Work shop Forge on to a wheel for the jeep train. Part of the Jeep train conversion process. Troops in transit. Bren gunner on guard in front of the train. Troops arriving from the barge at Weston, report to the RTO, Captain Ftzgibbon and are directed to an awaiting jeep train to carry them to Beaufort. Gunner Mostyn assisting RTO, changes destination sign on departure indicator after the train has left. Jeep train leaving with beer advertisement , brought by members of 2/15th Australian Field Company, RAE from Australia, being given prominent display. Travelling shot taken from of Jeep train showing the poor condition of the track. Tuna Valley Bridge guards clear the bridge to allow train to pass. Re-laying railway line about four miles east of Beaufort which had been damaged by RAAF bombs. 250 yards of embankment and rail was destroyed and had to be bridged in three places. This scene shows bridged in three places. This scene shows bridges almost complete nine days after starting. 2/16th Australian Field Company, RAE, troops dogs in sleepers while 2/28 Australian Infantry Battalion Pioneers, who have never built a railway bridge carry sleepers and lay them. Japanese are dug in 800 yards away on ridge in background and their Observation Post overlooks the bridge. Pte Hancoc (?) stands guard on a tree stump. Damage caused by RAAF bombs. Pan left to right showing Padas River and bridge under construction. Stretcher bearers carry a wounded soldier, Pte Kerns, past the bridges. He was wounded on the ridge overlooking the bridge. Jeep ambulance takes Kerns back to MDS. W243944 Lieutenant Colonel Colin Hugh Boyd Norman DSO MC, sits with driver. Air compressor used for pneumatic drilling being moved across one of the completed bridges. “B” troop, 2/12 Australian Field Regiment RAA alongside railway line firing 25 pounders into Japanese positions overlooking the bridge. Ferry made of assault barges fastened together comes across Tutong River. Sapper Barr using one of the two outboard motors used to propel the ferry. Showing how jeeps are carried on this type of ferry. Jeep driving of f on to beach at Tutong. Soldiers talking to Chinese girls, one soldier nurses small girl on his knee. Corporal Crisp speaking to old Chinese man. Pte Clarke in jeep talking to Chinese woman with small baby.
NX42771 Pte Vernon Spence Rouvray and Cpl Lawn showing personal photographs to Chinese girl. Courier barge coming along Brunei River. Natives (Bruneis) paddling a canoe along Brunie River. NX55654 Pte James Arthur Andrew Ellicombe sleeping in a cane chair. Pte Bintel talking to Chinese girl on house steps. Cpl Robertson examines a necklace worn by Chinese girl. Wounded soldier walking in to 2/8th Australian MDS. Petrol driven train on narrow gauge track coming to Seria from Badas. Troops of 18 Platoon C Company 2/17 Battalion AIF loading stores onthe train. Troops of 18 Platoon boarding train for patrol near Badas. Troops on railway trucks. 2/1 Australian Guard Platoon 20 Australian Infantry Brigade HQ wander through ruins of damaged church. 17 Platoon D Company 2/17 Battalion marching into Kuala Belait. Gunner gray stands beside Australian flag at Kuala Belait. Low shot of troops passing through long grass. Large house in Kuala Belait used as HQ 20th Australian Infantry Brigade. Troops on roadside by Japanese sign. Soldiers on driveway HQ 20 Brigade with NX396 Brigadier William John Victor Windeyer, DSO, ED house in background.

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  • Video of Occupation of Kuala Belait, Brunei and Seria (video)