Private Hans 'Jack' Mannheim

Service number V377957
Birth Date 1922-09-01
Birth Place Germany: Hannover
Also known as Jack Mannheim, Mannheim, Jack
Service 8 Employment Company
Conflict/Operation Second World War, 1939-1945

Hans Mannheim, a Jewish man, was born in Gross Munzel near Hanover, Germany. He held a clerical position with Heinrich Loewe for just over a year before losing this position in November 1938 and being taken to Buchenwald. He was able to migrate to the UK on a Kindertransport at the age of 17. He spent time in England in refugee hostels and camps before being interned there, and was sent to Australia via HMT Dunera. Here he was transferred through a series of internment camps in Australia, including Orange, Hay and Tatura. He was released in 1942 and spent time fruit picking before joining the Australian Army. At an unknown time he changed his first name to Jack. He served in Queensland as part of the 8 Australian Employment Company, a labour unit, and then spent time participating in malaria research in the laboratory run by Robert Black and documented by official war artist Nora Heysen. His post-war immigration profile notes him as a 'stateless' former German. He settled finally in New York.


Date of birth 01 September 1922