Pack of first field dressings
ID numberREL33764
Collection typeHeraldry
TitlePack of first field dressings
Object typePersonal Equipment
MakerLiverpool Lint Company
Place madeUnited Kingdom: England, Merseyside, Liverpool
Date made1914-1918
Physical description
  • Cotton
  • Gauze
  • Metal
  • Wool
DescriptionFirst field dressing wrapped and sewn into a cotton outer, on which is printed 'WAR OFFICE MEDICAL DIVISION / FIRST FIELD DRESSINGS / Open the Packet by tearing the black thread from the / centre at the long stitch. Remove the outer envelope, tear / open the second and apply in the following order to the / wound: - 1st - THE WOOL PAD. / 2nd - SQUARE PIECE OF GAUZE. / 3rd - WATER PROOF. / Fasten lightly with the Bandage and pins. / If two wounds, put the pad on one, and the piece of / gauze on the other, and divide the waterproof. / Manufactured by THE LIVERPOOL LINT CO., / Mark Street Mills, LIVERPOOL.'. The right hand side of the package is loosely sewn with black thread to allow quick access.
SummaryUnknown. Typical example of an early First World War First Field dressing issued to infantry and designed to be applied to a wound as immediate first aid.