West Spring Gun
ID numberRELAWM05152
Collection typeTechnology
TitleWest Spring Gun
Object typeArtillery
MakerReason Manufacturing Company
Place madeUnited Kingdom
Date made1915
Physical description
  • Paint
  • Steel
DescriptionWest Spring Gun made from steel components. The weapon consists of a triangular metal frame that supports a metal throwing arm powered by multilayers of compressed steel springs. There is a theaded adjustment bolt which is used to determine the trajectory of the missile during launch. The launcher is painted matt grey. The launcher arm is missing. Markings - D64; WAR RECORDS SECTION, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE, MELBOURNE.
SummaryThe West Spring Gun was issued to British and Australian forces at the beginning of the First World War to launch grenades and satchell charges over the trenches using mechanical methods. This West Spring Gun was employed by the 9th Field Company Australian Engineers.