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Title: Postcard Collection 1900 - 1913

Date range of collection: 1900 - 1913

Collector: Various

Extent: 1 postcard album

Repository: Australian War Memorial

Location: Published Collections, Research Centre, Australian War Memorial.

Administrative Information

Provenance: Postcards collected since the 1920s from a variety of sources.

Accruals: The collection continues to be updated.

Access: Open. The collection is accessible in the Research Centre Reading Room on the lower ground floor of the Memorial during the Reading Room opening hours. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm. The Reading Room is closed on Sundays and ACT public holidays. Researches can contact the Research Centre to plan a visit. To access the collection the user will need to register as a client and agree to the Reading Room’s conditions of use. To contact the Information Services department or to make an appointment to visit the Reading Room call 02 62434315 or send an email to

Restrictions on use and reproduction: For copying and copyright enquiries contact the Senior Curator, Published and Digitised Collections.

Preferred citation: [Title of Item], Postcard Collection 1900 - 1913, Australian War Memorial.

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Scope and Content

Using the collection: This collection consists of one postcard album of sixty-two postcards. There are four series within this collection which are arranged by date. Within each series, items have been given running numbers, rather than being organised chronologically.

Series 1: South African [Boer] War, 1899-1906

Description: From the time of its acquisition by Britain during the Napoleonic wars, southern Africa had been shared between British colonies and independent republics of Dutch-Afrikaner settlers, known as Boers. Throughout the nineteenth century the two powers had maintained a wary co-existence. The discovery of gold and diamonds in the Boer republics in the 1880s intensified rivalry, and British imperial ambition and Boer independence resulted in friction that in 1899 provoked the Boers to attack, in order to forestall what they saw as an impending British conquest.

As part of the British Empire, the Australian colonies offered troops for the war in South Africa. Australians served mostly in mounted units formed in each colony, often known as "mounted rifles", "bushmen" or "imperial bushmen". They fought in both the British counter-offensive of 1900 which resulted in the capture of the Boer capitals, and in the long, weary guerrilla phases of the war lasting until 1902.

The collections contains postcards sent from, or about the South African War. The collection includes patriotic and propaganda postcards, as well as postcards of South African War memorials.

Number Title/Description Album

Royal Engineers off to South Africa

[Photograph of members of the Royal Engineers on board a ship]

Album 1

Sydney: Botanical Gardens

[View of Botanical Gardens. Annotated with list of New South Wales and Victorian contingents, and numbers of officers and men]

Album 1

Sydney - Double Bay

[View of Double Bay. Annotated with list of New Zealand contingents, and numbers of officers and men (relates to postcard 1/1/2)]

Album 1

Sydney - Bridge near Middle Harbour

[View of suspension bridge. Annotated with list of South Australian contingents, and numbers of officers and men (relates to postcard 1/1/2)]

Album 1

Sydney Harbour - Port de Sydney - Totalansicht des Hafens von Sydney

[View of Sydney Harbour. Annotated with list of Western Australian and Tasmanian contingents, and numbers of officers and men (relates to postcard 1/1/2)]

Album 1


[Anti British Propaganda card. Previous no. 1/5]

Album 1

The Siege Valentine. In commemoration of the horseflesh diet called Chevril. Siege of Ladysmith 14th February 1900

[Valentine Day card with cartoon of soldiers with human torsos, horses' bodies and human feet. Previous no. 1/4]

Album 1


[Photograph of painting of Bushie the dog. Bushie was the first dog officially sent to the South African War. After the war he became a pet of the Royal Kennels. previous no. 1/3]

Album 1

Peace with Honour

[Colour portrait of Kitchener (?). ]

Album 1

PEACE COMMEMORATION POSTCARD: Anglo-Boer War 1899-1900-91-02. Begun Oct. 11 1899 Ended May 31 1902. God Save the King

[Photograph of Lukas Meyer (General late SAR) and JH De La Rey (General late SAR) taken at the Peace Conference at Klerksdorp, April 1902]

Album 1


[Photograph of memorial of a soldier in pith helmet]

Album 1

SOLDIERS MEMORIAL STATUE. Erected at Sturt Street Ballarat, by the Citizens, in commemoration of the Australians who fought for the Empire in South Africa 1898-1902

[ON DISPLAY IN SOUTH AFRICAN WAR GALLERY. Photograph of memorial of a mounted soldier assisting another soldier onto his horse]

Album 1

[Soldiers Memorial Statue] 1906

[ON DISPLAY IN SOUTH AFRICAN WAR GALLERY. Photograph of memorial of a mounted soldier assisting another soldier onto his horse. 'Home Sweet Home' written in glitter].

Album 1

Sydney. Lieutenant Grieve's Memorial, Watson's Bay

[Photograph of the marble and sandstone memorial drinking fountain, in Watson's Bay, Sydney, dedicated to Lieutenant Gideon James Grieve.]

Album 1

Sydney. Lieutenant Grieve's Memorial, Watson's Bay

[Photograph of the marble and sandstone memorial drinking fountain, in Watson's Bay, Sydney, dedicated to Lieutenant Gideon James Grieve. Coloured]

Album 1


[Photograph of painting of Bushie the dog. Bushie was the first dog officially sent to the South African War. After the war he became a pet of the Royal Kennels.]

Album 1

Table of contents

Series 2: Early 20th Century Military Cards, circa 1900-1913

Description: Postcards relating to militia units, naval depots, military camps and visiting foreign military before 1914, but excluding postcards relating the the South African [Boer] War (Series 1)

Number Title/Description album

Field-Marshal Lord Kitchener. Souvenir of Lord Kitchener's visit to South Australia, January, 1910

[Sketch portrait of Kitchener]

Album 1

Big Gun Practise Middle Head

[Hand coloured photograph of gun practise. Sydney Pleasure Resorts Series 57 circa 1910]

Album 1

The Naval Depot, Williamstown

[Hand colored photograph of Naval Depot]

Album 1

Naval Depot, Garden Island, Sydney

[Hand coloured photograph of Naval Depot]

Album 1

N.S.S. Sobraon - Companies with arms. Sydney Harbor

[Crew of N.S.S. Sobraon on parade on deck]

Album 1

Bega Squadron, A.L.H. Regt.

[Bega Light Horse Squadron on parade circa 1910]

Album 1

Brown Mt.

[Photo of soldiers at the foot of Brown Mountain. (Left to right) Cpl McNamarah, Jack Kelly, Lieutenant Beek, QMS Howard and G Smith circa 1908]

Album 1

[no title]

[Photograph of Empire Day celebrations, held at the barracks at Paddington]

Album 1

[no title]

[Group photograph of unknown people at an unnamed military camp]

Album 1

Moore Park

[Military Camp at Moore Park taken on 23 August 1908]

Album 1


[Photograph of cooks at Liverpool Camp circa 1908]

Album 1


[Photograph of Liverpool Camp taken on 16 August 1908]

Album 1

Liverpool Camp

[Photograph of Liverpool Camp circa 1908]

Album 1

Light Horse NSW

[Photograph of Some Light Horse members at drill circa 1905]

Album 1

Scottish Rifles NSW

[Photograph of members of the Scottish Rifles on parade circa 1905]

Album 1

Band of Scottish Rifles NSW

[Photograph of the Scottish Rifles' band circa 1905]

Album 1

B Coy 1st Batt. S.A.I.R. South Africa 1901-2

[Christmas card with 1st Battalion B Company, South Australian Infantry Regiment's battle honours. Designed and drawn by Sgt E.G. Brittain 1909]

Album 1

New South Wales Lancers and 6th Dragoon Guards

[Hand coloured photograph of NSW Lancers and 6th Dragoon Guards, aiming rifles towards camera]

Album 1

Types New South Wales Lancers

[E.F.A. "Military" Series, No. 3. Hand coloured photograph of NSW Lancers]

Album 1

Types New South Wales Lancers

[E.F.A. "Military" Series, No. 13. Hand coloured photograph of NSW Lancers]

Album 1

Wishing You a Joyous Christmas

[Postcard includes image of unnamed Militia group. (Donor ref: RC08893)]

Album 1

Table of contents

Series 3: Souvenir and Scenic Postcards, 1900-1910

Description: Scenic and souvenir postcards sent before 1914. Excludes postcards relating to the South African [Boer] War (Series 1) and the "Great White Fleet" visit of 1908 (Series 4).

Number Title/Description album

Brown Mt

[Photograph of men ascending Brown Mountain in horse drawn vehicles circa 1910]

Album 1

A souvenir of Beira

[Views of Beira, Mozambique circa 1900]

Album 1

Arab dealers and Kaffir boys

[Photograph circa 1900]

Album 1

Grand Hotel, Bulawayo. With the Season's Compliments

[Photograph of Hotel circa 1901]

Album 1

Railway Yard La Trobe 1265 Spurling

[Photograph of carts delivering sacks to railway yard circa 1910]

Album 1

[Rural scene (near Gundagai?)]

[Photograph of bridges over a river]

Album 1

Green Bay, Port Elliot

[Scenic postcard circa 1909]

Album 1

General Post Office, Sydney

[Scenic postcard circa 1906]

Album 1

Sydney: Orient R.M.S. "Omrah" - Paquebot anglais Omrah - Postdampler "Omrah" der Orient Steam Navigation Co.

[Photograph of RMS "Omrah" circa 1903]

Album 1

No. "2222" 1st Melbourne 2905

[Racing pigeon who won a race from Melbourne, Vic to Jamestown, S.A. ]

Album 1

[no title]

[Racing / show pigeon]

Album 1

[no title]

[Racing / show pigeon]

Album 1

[no title]

[Racing / show pigeon]

Album 1

H.M.S. "Challenger" Garden Reach, Brisbane

[Hand coloured photograph of the H.M.S. "Challenger"]

Album 1

Table of contents

Series 4: Patriotic Postcards & USA Fleet Visit, 1906 - 1908

Description: Patriotic postcards and souvenir postcards from the visit of the American "Great White Fleet" in 1908. Both types of postcards made use of patriotic imagery, such as flags, native fauna and flora, and national symbols.

The "Great White Fleet" was sent around the world by President Theodore Roosevelt from 16 December 1907 to 22 February 1909. It consisted of sixteen new battleships of the Atlantic Fleet. The battleships were painted white except for gilded scrollwork on their bows and buff coloured funnels. They covered some 43,000 miles and made twenty port calls on six continents.

In August and September 1908 the Fleet visited Sydney and Melbourne, where crowds from 400,000 to 600,000 turned out the see the American Navy. The Americans received a very enthusiastic greeting from the Australian public with parades, illuminations, dinners and festivities. The visit also inspired a large amount of verse and songs.

Number Title/Description album

"The Flag that's Braved a Thousand Years the Battle and the Breeze"

[Drawing of the Union Jack, with verse]

Album 1

Australia Greets America

[Uncle Sam, holding the Stars & Stripes with an Australian stockman holding the Australian Blue Ensign. With a drawing of the American Fleet. (Note, the Stars & Stripes has been drawn with blue stars on a white background, instead of white stars on blue)]

Album 1

Australia welcomes Uncle Sam and his Fleet

Cartoon - An oversized Uncle Sam sitting on one of the Great White Fleet ships, with the American Fleet behind him, with a large Stars & Stripes and a small Australian Red Ensign]

Album 1

U.S.A. Fleet Welcome to Australia 1908

[Montage of images - Uncle Sam greeting a kangaroo, the Stars & Stripes and Australian Red Ensign, wattle, life preserver and picture of the ship, "Ohio"]

Album 1

A Souvenir. Welcome to our American Comrades

[A young woman, representing Australia with a kangaroo and Waratahs, pulling back a draped Australian Blue ensign, behind which come ships of the Great White Fleet. With a verse]

Album 1

Australia Welcomes The American Fleet

[Montage of images - drawing of American Fleet, with a picture of a globe, with the Union Jack, Stars & Stripes and Australian Blue Ensign. Also includes an eagle in the top right corner and a kangaroo in the bottom left corner]

Album 1


[Australian Blue Ensign and Stars & Stripes with drawings of a kangaroo and a buffalo. With a verse by Alec Barr]

Album 1

Australia Welcomes The Fleets

[Montage of images - drawing of ships, Britannia, lion, emu, kangaroo and bald eagle]

Album 1

U.S.S. Virginia

[Picture of U.S.S. Virginia.(Donor Ref: SC00175)]

Album 1

Hands Across the Sea

[Picture of outstretched hands meeting across a map of Australia which contains an American warship. On the left is Australian flag with kangaroo in foreground. On right is American flag with eagle at the top.]

Album 1

Table of contents