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Donations relating to Australian Defence Force (ADF) Operations in Afghanistan, 2005-2016

The Australian War Memorial has been directed by the Office of the Director General of the National Archives of Australia, at the request of The Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force Afghanistan Inquiry (IGADF), to retain all relevant documents and digital files that relate to ADF operations in Afghanistan during the period 2005-2016.

The Office of the Special Investigator may request access to this material to assist with the Afghanistan Inquiry (IGADF). This will affect all relevant material sent to the Memorial, regardless if they are accepted into the National Collection or not. This requirement will be kept in place until further notice by the National Archives of Australia.

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The Memorial is only able to accept a donation where the ownership is transferred in full by the legal owner of the material.

Does this donation offer relate to the service of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples?
The Memorial is actively seeking material and information relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander military service and experience of conflict.
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How many are there? Who wrote them and when? Are you the holder of any intellectual rights in the material, such as copyright? Are you prepared to transfer those rights to the Memorial?
List the title and scale of each map. Are any maps annotated? If so note which ones.
How many medals are there? If you know what each medal is, please include this detail.
How many are there? Are the individuals in the images identified? Are there captions or annotations on the negatives or slides or on the reverse? Who was the photographer? Where were the photographs taken? What date were they taken? Are the prints in an album? Can they be taken out of the album?
How many files are there? What format? E.g. .jpg, .tiff. Are individuals in the images identified? Who was the photographer? Where were the photographs taken? What date were they taken?
If so, can you briefly tell us how the images have been altered or manipulated?
How many are there? Are they printed, photographic or embroidered? Do they have letters on the back?
List the titles and dates of publication.
How many items are there? Please describe them.
Do you know the maker or are there any markings on it? Does it have any accessories or associated items? If it is a firearm, do you hold the licence? Please upload clear images of the item as part of your offer form. Do you have a deactivation certificate for inert munitions? Note the Memorial does not accept live ammunition. Please do not bring weapons to the Memorial without first contacting the Donations team
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