The Lauder family - Activities

Examine the images and film below, and answer the discussion questions.

Australian soldiers playing cricket on Shell Green at Gallipoli, c. 1915. (AWM G01289)

  1. Three days after this photograph was taken, the last Australian troops were evacuated from the Gallipoli peninsula. The Turkish troops easily spotted the Australian soldiers playing cricket on Shell Green. Why were they playing in such a dangerous location and why were they playing only days before being evacuated?

Australian soldiers unpacking their Christmas billies on Lemnos, c. 1915. (AWM P01116.024)

  1. These Christmas billies were sent as comforts from Australia. Why would these parcels have been important to Australian troops far from home?

Australian Prime Minister William Hughes speaking in Sydney about his proposal for conscription, c. 1916. (AWM A03376)

  1. The Australian public were deeply divided on the issue of conscription. Imagine you are a soldier on the battlefield; would you vote for conscription?
  2. Imagine you are the parents of this soldier; would your answer be the same?
  1. What is the purpose of this film? Who is the intended audience? What techniques have been used to appeal to that audience?

  2. What are the women doing in this film? Why do you think they were doing this?

  3. What other roles did women have during the First World War?

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