Collected - episode one

Australia’s official copy of the Treaty of Versailles is currently on display as part of the Memorial’s After the war exhibition. In conversation with Memorial curators Kerry Neale and Anthea Gunn, Maher explores the history of this extraordinary document and the important role Australia played in its signing.


Presented by: Louise Maher

Produced by: Louise Maher


  • Kerry Neale, Assistant Curator Military Heraldry and Technology and curator of After the War
  • Dr Anthea Gunn, Senior Curator of Art 

Original music: Andy Heaney – Vice Like Grip

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Treaty of Versailles

The Signing of the Treaty of Peace at Versailles, 28 June 1919 by Joseph Finnemore, 1919, oil on linen, 165 x 247 cm. Australian War Memorial ART16770

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The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Peace between the Allied Powers and Germany

This document is Australia's authenticated copy of the Treaty of Versailles, bound into a volume with photographed facsimile pages of the signatures and official seals. The signatures and seals of Australia's delegates, Prime Minister Billy Hughes and Deputy Prime Minister Joseph Cook, are on the third page of signatures, following those of the US, British and Canadian delegates.

More information and images are available through the Museum of Australian Democracy