Collected is a podcast series exploring the artefacts that make up the National Collection of the Australian War Memorial.

Join journalist Louise Maher over 12 episodes as she takes a closer look at the obscure, popular, strange, and wonderful items in the collection.

Through conversations with historians and curators, and first-hand accounts from the people connected with these artefacts, Maher peels back the layers of history and uncovers the stories that the public don’t always get to hear.


Episode one - the Treaty of Versailles

Episode one looks at Australia’s official copy of the Treaty of Versailles, currently on display as part of the Memorial’s After the war exhibition. In conversation with Memorial curators Kerry Neale and Anthea Gunn, Maher explores the history of this extraordinary document and the important role Australia played in its signing. View the collection items featured in episode one.

Episode two - A mother's love and memory

Episode two explores the different ways mothers have dealt with the grief of losing sons in war. In conversation with Memorial curators Kerry Neale and Stephanie Boyle, Maher discovers the significance of a gold brooch and a tin of biscuits currently on display in the Memorial's After the war exhibition. View credits and the collection items featured in episode two.

Episode three - The Mighty Bushmaster

Episode three examines the innovative design and overseas deployment of the Australian-made Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle. In conversation with Memorial curator Nick Fletcher, and through the oral histories of Australian service personnel, Maher explains how this much-loved vehicle transports combat troops over rugged terrain and saves lives in war zones. Collection items featured in episode three.

Episode four - Australia's military tattoos

Episode four reveals the history and meaning of tattoos in the Australian Defence Force. In conversation with curator Stephanie Boyle, Canberra tattoo artist Peter Bone and through oral histories, Louise Maher shares the ways servicemen and women, their loved ones and veterans have inked their skin in commemoration, pride - or just to pass the time. Collection items featured in episode four.

Episode five - Music and the First World War

Music has the ability to express feelings and ideas in simple, relatable ways; it has the capacity to bring people together and galvanise the spirit. So it should come as no surprise to discover that music of all kinds played an important role in the First World War. In Episode 5 of Collected Louise Maher talks to Senior Curator, Theresa Cronk and the Memorials Artist in Residence, Chris Latham about the music, the composers and the social impact. Collection items featured in episode five.

Episode six - Framing Memory: Rare World War One Portraits

Reverse-painted glass framed photographs are a rare and fragile part of the Memorial’s collection. The Memorial has the largest-known collection of these unique portraits in the world. In episode six of Collected Louise Maher talks to Curator Joanne Smedley about these works and the exhibition currently on display at the Memorial. In conversation with art conservator Janet Hearne, Louise gets an insight into the delicate challenge of preserving these precious artefacts. Collection items featured in episode six.

Episode seven - D-Day and the Australian connection

It’s 75 years since the D-Day landings in Normandy, France – the Allied invasion which led to the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany. In Episode 7 of Collected, Louise Maher talks to Senior Curator Shane Casey about the small but important role Australians played in the campaign and shares first-hand accounts from some of the servicemen who risk their lives to be there. Collection items featured in episode seven.

Episode eight - Jim's POW loin cloth

Jim Easton and Lou Engledow were young men thrown together in the Second World War as prisoners of the Japanese on the Burma-Thailand Railway. In Episode 8 of Collected, Louise Maher is shown a scrap of red fabric, snatched by Jim and saved by Lou, that bears witness to their friendship and survival. Collection items featured in episode eight.

Episode nine – Anzac biscuits and secret cookbooks

It’s 100 years since the first recipe for what we know as Anzac biscuits was published in a cookbook. In Episode 9 of Collected, Louise Maher explores the history of these sweet treats, and discovers how prisoners of war shared recipes for dozens of different dishes as a secret survival strategy. Further information on episode nine.

Episode ten – Damien Parer and the Oscar

The first Oscar awarded to an Australian film shines a spotlight on the work of ace war cinematographer Damien Parer. In Episode 10 of Collected, Louise Maher learns about the mystery behind the Academy Award in the Memorial’s collection and the impact of Parer’s 1942 film Kokoda front line! Collection items featured in episode ten.


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Louise Maher is a journalist, podcaster and editor. She worked for many years in radio as a reporter, presenter and producer, including 25 years with the ABC.


The opinions expressed in this podcast series are those of individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian War Memorial.