Episode two - A mother's love and memory

Episode two explores the different ways mothers have dealt with the grief of losing sons in war. In conversation with Memorial curators Kerry Neale and Stephanie Boyle, Maher discovers the significance of a gold brooch and a tin of biscuits currently on display in the Memorial's After the war exhibition.

Presented by: Louise Maher

Produced by: Louise Maher


  • Kerry Neale, Assistant Curator Military Heraldry and Technology and curator of After the War
  • Stephanie Boyle, Senior Curator, Photographs, Film and Sound

Oral history recordings:

Don Barnby, (audio letter from Vietnam)

Leading seaman Jodie (oral history interview after deployment in Middle East. Surname not used for operational reasons) 

Military wife and mother Elizabeth (oral history interview before her daughter Tamara was posted to Afghanistan. Surname not used for operational reasons)

Original music: Andy Heaney – Vice Like Grip


Ethel Freeth's gold brooch

Ethel Freeth's gold brooch


Adelaide Hendle's biscuit tin

Adelaide Hendle's biscuit tin