Collected Episode 30: Nazi V2 Rocket

The V2 rocket developed by the Germans in World War Two was the world’s first strategic ballistic missile and a forerunner of the rocket that took humans to the moon. In Episode 30 of Collected, Louise Maher is shown a captured V2 that was brought to Australia after the war and hears the testimony of a Jewish concentration camp survivor forced to work on the Nazi weapons project.    


Presented by: Louise Maher

Produced by: Louise Maher



Shane Casey, Senior Curator Military Heraldry and Technology

David Pearson, Senior Curator Military Heraldry and Technology

Eleni Holloway, assistant curator Military Heraldry and Technology


Oral history:

Alexander Bartos


Original Music: Andy Heaney, Vice Like Grip

v-2 picture

V-2 rockets being prepared for launch 1944 (left and right) placed over launching tables (centre) from a Meillerwagen. Image courtesy of Rare Historical Photos

v-2 picture

V-2 on Meillerwagen on display at RAAF Base Mallala for Airforce Week, 13–20 September 1954, painted silver. Courtesy of Mallala Museum via ABC.


V-2 on Meillerwagen in storage at the Australian War Memorial C111276

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