February 1942, Flight Lieutenant Bryan Rofe is on Timor with 28 men, tasked with keeping an aerodrome open. As the Japanese invasion closes in, and with evacuation thwarted by the air raids on Darwin, Rofe has little choice but to lead his men into the jungle. They are on their own.

Malaria-ravaged and starving, these men are taken to the limits of their endurance for 58 days. When a 300-strong Japanese patrol is sent to find them all hope seems lost, until they receive a strange signal from the sea.

Over 6 nail-biting episodes, join Tom Trumble, historian, writer, and the grandson of Flight Lieutenant Rofe, as he shares one of the greatest escape stories of the Pacific War. Via dramatised first-hand accounts, diary entries and official records, as well as interviews with survivors, follow the experiences of the 29 brave airmen stranded on Timor – as well as the men who risked their lives to rescue them, and those sent to hunt them down.

Released here or from wherever you get your favourite podcasts on 6 March, 2020.


group pic

The RAAF rear party awaiting rescue by flying boat, Kapsali, Dutch Timor, March 1, 1942

Back row: George Ettridge, Phil Kean, Clem Clements (AIF), Bob Lloyd, Charlie Gibbs, Bill Smith, Bob Donald, Ted Mitchell, Jock Birchall, Frank Rusconi, Bill Arthur, Colin Humphris

Middle row: Ralph Holloway, Snow Henrickson, Bob Oliver, Jim Sumner, Jim Graham, Len Bourke, Frank Meeking, Ron Bell, Ken Greaves, Wally Grigg.

Front row: Peter Thompson, Les Borgelt, Roy Andrews, Arthur Cole, Bryan Rofe, Art Ackerman, Clyde Pappin, Eddie Park