Animals in war

Animals have played an important part in the conflicts and operations in which Australia has been involved. They have served alongside humans in military roles, and provided comfort as mascots and support animals. This page links to you some of the Australian War Memorial’s resources relating to animals in war.

Activities and other resources

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Articles and photographs

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Recommended year level

This hub contains resources suitable for all year levels. Students may find some of the content upsetting, and it is recommended that teachers filter resources based on the needs of their students.

How to use this resource

Each area of the hub can be used in isolation, or teachers may like to plan classroom activities using a variety of material. The resources can be used as inspiration for art or poetry, or as a thematic approach to study conflict and peacekeeping. Teachers may like to explore the hub with their students in term one, as 24 February is the National Day for War Animals in Australia.

Links to the Australian Curriculum

The animals in war theme can be explored as part of a study of commemoration, conflict, or peacekeeping in the History, and Humanities and Social Sciences areas of the curriculum. Older students may like to link the resources to their scientific studies. Two examples are the technological advances that have reduced the dependence on animals in war, and the ethics of using animals in war.

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