Classroom resources

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people please be aware that some resource contain images and names of deceased persons.

New & Featured

  1. Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service

    This page links you to some of the Australian War Memorial’s resources related to the wartime experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  2. Tiny tours

    Years F-2: These four short films include a story, a look inside some of the Memorial’s galleries, and a craft activity for early learners.

First World War

  1. Art in the Aftermath

    Years 9+: This resource is a visual exploration of the aftermath and impact of the First World War.

  2. A Very Special Day

    Years F-6: This resource for primary teachers will help you explore how we remember and understand the past through objects, stories, and ceremonies.

  3. Understanding Gallipoli

    Years 5-9: a concise and useful overview of the Gallipoli campaign with activities for students and teachers.

  4. 1916

    Years 5-9: This package of case studies and inquiry questions looks at the places Australians fought during some of the darkest days of Australia's military history.

  5. Diary of an Anzac: a Gallipoli perspective

    All ages: Follow the journey of Herbert Reynolds, an Australian stretcher bearer at Gallipoli, through his daily diary entries.

  6. Anzac Diversity

    Year 6 and up: A collection of case studies exploring the ethnic diversity of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) during the First World War.

  7. Sources: the conscription debate

    All ages: A selection of pro- and anti-conscription leaflets from the conscription referenda in 1916-17.

More resources

  1. Carved stone figures

    Year 6+: On the walls of the Australian War Memorial’s Commemorative Area are 26 carved stone figures.

  2. Dust Off - Vietnam

    Year 10: This resource explores the 'dust-off' process and the experience of wounded Australians returning home.

  3. Back to the Source

    Years 9+: Turn your students into historical detectives in this guided journey through original source materials from the Memorial's collection

Education kits for travelling exhibitions

  1. Hearts and Minds: Education kit

    Years 9-12: This resource is a study of propaganda posters from the First and Second World Wars.

  2. Ben Quilty: After Afghanistan

    Years 9-12: This resource focuses on Ben Quilty's time in Afghanistan in October 2011 as an official war artist, commissioned by the Australian War Memorial.

  3. Reality in flames: Education kit

    Years 9-12: This resource explores the different ways modern Australian artists responded creatively to the Second World War, comprehending its events and consequences.

  4. A camera on Gallipoli

    Years 5-8: This education resource focuses on Sir Charles Ryan's 1915 series of candid photographs documenting the experiences of Australians on Gallipoli.


  1. Education publications

    Downloadable books, posters, and more made available free of charge for classroom and educational use.