Classroom resources

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How We Remember

Foundation - Year 3

"A Very Special Day" looks at the symbols, ceremonies, objects, and stories that tell us about the past.

First World War

  1. Understanding Gallipoli

    Years 5-9: a concise and useful overview of the Gallipoli campaign with activities for students and teachers.

  2. Anzac Diversity

    Year 6 and up: Anzac Diversity is a collection of case studies exploring the ethnic diversity of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) during the First World War.

  1. Sources: the conscription debate

    A selection of primary sources for exploring the conscription debates in 1916-17.

  2. Dust Off - Vietnam

    This resource explores the 'dust-off' process and the experience of wounded Australians returning home.

  3. Australian nurses (secondary)

    Australian nurses have been serving in war for over 100 years. Explore their service and sacrifice with these activities for Australian secondary students.

  1. Tobruk diaries

    Follow day-by-day the diaries of two men who were there: Chaplain Owen Thomas Cosgriff and Warrant Officer Class II Arthur Francis Bryant, AIF.

  2. Australian nurses (primary)

    Explore the service and sacrifice of Australian nurses in wartime with these activities for primary school students.