Second World War

Second World War Hub

Years 7–12: Stories and sources exploring the Second World War.

This hub links you to various works of art, articles and blogs, film and sound files, case studies, and objects from the Memorial’s collection relating to the Second World War.

Victory in the Pacific Day

Explore a range of stories, photos, audio files, events, and first-hand accounts from veterans, relating to Victory in the Pacific Day.

Reality in flames: Education kit

Years 9-12: This resource explores the different ways modern Australian artists responded creatively to the Second World War, comprehending its events and consequences.

Hearts and Minds: Education kit

Years 9-12: This resource is a study of propaganda posters from the First and Second World Wars.

Australia in the Second World War - Memorial Box 4

Objects and stories from land, sea, and air, exploring a selection of the almost one million Australian men and women who served during this time of upheaval.  

Classroom Resources

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