Operations post 1945 to today

Australian service in Indonesia after the Second World War

Senior secondary: This digital resource explores the work of the Australian Defence Force in Indonesia from 1947 to 2005.

Korean War 1950 - 1953

This hub contains a range of resources including blogs, online exhibitions, and personal stories, which can be used to investigate the Korean War.

Dust Off - Vietnam

Year 10: This resource explores the 'dust-off' process and the experience of wounded Australians returning home.

Hell no we won’t go!

On 8 May 1970, around 200,000 people marched across major Australian cities as part of the Vietnam Moratorium ­– a protest against Australian involvement in the Vietnam War ­– the largest public demonstrations in Australia’s history at the time.

POINT SHOOT CLICK - John Fairley’s Vietnam

An online photographic exhibition based on the works of John Fairley.

'It doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the people'

I was only 19 is the song that changed John Schumann’s life. But when the singer-songwriter sat down to write about the Vietnam War more than 30 years ago, he never dreamt the song he wrote would become a number one hit, or that its lyrics would one day be inscribed on a national memorial.

Ben Quilty: After Afghanistan

Years 9-12: This resource focuses on Ben Quilty's time in Afghanistan in October 2011 as an official war artist, commissioned by the Australian War Memorial.

The courage for peace

Years 7-12: Join curators for a tour of The Courage for Peace exhibition. Uncover some of the stories behind peacekeeping and humanitarion operations.

Ink in the Lines

Many members and veterans of the Australian Defence Forces have tattoos, and while their reasons for getting tattooed are as varied as the people themselves, self-expression and belonging play a part.

Australia in Wartime and Peacekeeping Operations since 1946 - Memorial Box 2

Journey through more than 70 years of the Australian Defence Force’s contributions to peace and security across the globe. Explore Australian involvement in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, East Timor, Bougainville, Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

I was only 19 (A walk in the light green)

This online exhibition focuses on the popular song, I was only 19.

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