Virtual excursions

What is it?

A virtual excursion runs like a video conference. During a live, interactive session with educators, students can explore some of the galleries at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, as well as photographs, works of art, and film. They can learn about real objects and participate in activities during an Australian curriculum-linked program.

Is your school unable to travel to Canberra? Book a virtual excursion for your class in 2019.  AWM2018.4.302.14

Is your school unable to travel to Canberra? Book a virtual excursion for your class in 2019. AWM2018.4.302.14

What equipment do I need?

A virtual excursion connection uses broadband internet and a computer or smart tablet with camera capabilities, such as a webcam, so that we can see your group. You need to connect these to equipment like a television screen or interactive whiteboard, so that all students can see our presenters. It is also recommended that you connect an external microphone, so that we can hear your students clearly.

To run a virtual excursion, you will need to download software (such as Zoom or WebEx) that allows us to connect in a “virtual meeting room”. Our Digital Learning Officer can discuss software requirements with you.

Please contact your IT or departmental support team to determine if there are any firewall restrictions, or if you are unsure what software and hardware your school currently has. Your security settings need to allow video and audio to be sent and received. We will conduct a short test run with you prior to the virtual excursion.



How do I book?

Please note that virtual excursions for 2019 are booked out.

The dates for semester 1 2020 are now open:

Date Status
Monday 30 March AM  
Monday 30 March AM  
Monday 30 March PM  
Tuesday 31 March AM BOOKED OUT
Tuesday 31 March AM  
Tuesday 31 March PM BOOKED OUT
Wednesday 1 April AM  
Wednesday 1 April AM BOOKED OUT
Wednesday 1 April PM  
Thursday 2 April AM  
Thursday 2 April AM  
Thursday 2 April PM  
Friday 3 April AM  
Friday 3 April AM  
Friday 3 April PM  
Thursday 25 June AM (NAIDOC special) BOOKED OUT
Thursday 25 June AM (NAIDOC special)  
Thursday 25 June PM (NAIDOC special) BOOKED OUT

The Memorial can host up to three connections per virtual excursion. This might be three classes from the same school, or three classes from different states and territories.

Preference will be given to Victorian schools for the June bookings, as they are on school holidays for the earlier dates.

Program delivery times will be negotiated with schools, once all slots are filled for that day.

For bookings, future availability and more information, please contact the Digital Learning Officer at

While virtual excursions with the Australian War Memorial can run without any additional resources, your school is welcome to book a Memorial Box to complement the program.

More information can be found on our Memorial Boxes page.



Current Programs

  1. The Australian War Memorial: inside story

    Audience: Secondary

    This program takes visitors on a virtual site study through the Australian War Memorial. Uncover the reasons why the Memorial was created, and the role of a curator. Explore various sources relating to Gallipoli and Bullecourt, in addition to the experiences of one wounded serviceman who contributed to the Memorial building. More info...

  2. The story of the poppy

    Audience: Lower primary

    Have you seen people wearing red poppies on special days? Who wears them and why? Hear stories of Australians who have served in the First World War, the Second World War, and Afghanistan. Find out what the poppy means to them. More info...

  3. One family in the First World War

    Audience: Upper primary

    In 1918, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the guns on the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of warfare. Delve in to the story of one Australian family and their experiences of the First World War. This program includes a writing task for students. More info...

For more digital classroom resources, visit our Classroom Resources page.


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