1. The Australian War Memorial material is only to be used for the purpose stated in the application made. No further reproduction or image storage is to be carried out.
    2. Material is to be credited ‘Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial’ and the accession number should be included below or adjacent to the relevant material.
    3. In the case of artwork, caption details will be supplied by the Australian War Memorial and are to be printed legibly in close proximity to the reproduction. Where the Australian War Memorial film is used the Australian War Memorial is to be credited in the completed production.
    4. Immediately after publication or production, the applicant agrees to supply the Australian War Memorial with one free copy of the publication or production.
    5. Permission to use the material does not grant exclusive rights of any kind or imply the transfer of any copyright to the user.
    6. In cases where the copyright is not the property of the Australian War Memorial, the applicant must obtain written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the material. The Australian War Memorial requires written evidence of all necessary clearances prior to reproduction, publication, broadcast or transmission. If the copyright owner cannot be identified or located before reproduction, the applicant must indemnify the Australian War Memorial in writing against any action whatsoever arising from the reproduction and publication of the image(s) in question.
    7. Please note that user fees may be applicable, depending on the purpose of use. Refer to the user fee costs
    8. The applicant must abide by the Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act 2000 where the applicant will acknowledge the photographer if known for those items still protected by copyright and also undertake to use any of the Australian War Memorial images in an appropriate manner.
    9. The applicant undertakes that images are not cropped, overprinted or altered in any way without the prior written approval of the Australian War Memorial. Where material is to be used as part of any design work a design proposal must be submitted for approval. The Australian War Memorial reserves the right to withdraw or deny use of any material in cases where reproduction is deemed unsuitable or of an unacceptable standard.
    10. The Australian War Memorial reserves the right to view on demand colour proofs before or after publication. For overseas publications this right may be exercised through any representative nominated by the Australian War Memorial.

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