Martin Scanlan

Brick window

Image of artwork

Highly commended

acrylic on MDF
90 x 104 cm

Bruce has a tiny office decorated with Victorian-style furniture. A bulky desk, a large round table in the middle and several really old chairs to the sides of the room. His chair is the largest and reminds me of my grandfather’s. When he sits he looks like he is about to take flight. Bruce’s hands are large and his fingers are swollen, he wears baggy clothes and his mobile phone often slips from his pocket mid-conversation. His office has two walls that are completely glass and I can see people walking around. The wall behind Bruce has a large window, the only thing seen through it is a yellow brick wall.

Mixed all together with the sun, the outside wall, the window and the glass walls create a glare in the room which projects onto Bruce’s glasses and makes it impossible for me to see his eyes.

Bruce has been my psychiatrist for six years now but I hardly see him anymore. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his help along the way. I appreciate your time.

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