Andrew Littlejohn



Highly commended

oil on canvas
20 x 20 cm

This painting hopefully reflects the impact of our service on our children. This is their normal. Often forgotten in the equation, they follow us around the country and, for some, around the world. They join us in the adventure of military service. This painting was made in Jakarta, Indonesia, on what is Charlie's eighth relocation move. We had just returned to my posting after having all been evacuated to back to Australia as a Covid precaution. A particularly trying period for anyone but he met it without a word of complaint, to them it’s all just another move, another home, another school and another adventure together. Our children share in the same separation and disruption we do. This is just one aspect of ADF life which shapes them into who they are and will become and, in Charlie's case, someone who is unafraid, takes on new challenges and has friends all over the world. The subject is Charlie who is now eleven, and his great-grandfather was a Rat of Tobruk. The painting is one of my first attempts at using oils.

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