Yianni Johns

Floating flight line

Image of artwork

oil on canvas
76 x 152 cm

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of my arrival at HMAS Leeuwin. There I trained as a Junior Recruit. As a result of my training there I became an ATA Air Technical Aircraft sailor. My last two and a half years in the Navy was served on the Aircraft Carrier HMAS Melbourne. My painting is a celebration of the 50th anniversary and sharing what I saw daily as an aircraft mechanic. I worked on the Skyhawk aircraft and still love them to this day. My painting depicts a moment of rest with two mechanics taking five on the sponson before the impending launch. It was a very exciting place to work.

I love to paint aircraft and have been commissioned to paint many varieties of these beautiful things since I was stood down from my aviation engineering job in March 2020.

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