Kenneth McGuire

The leaders

Image of artwork

acrylic paint on stretched canvas
50 x 40 cm

Premier Berejiklian and Doctor Chant saved me, my wife, family, and the people of NSW by guiding us to save ourselves. Their regular nightly TV appeal exhorted the population to protect ourselves from the virulent Covid-19 disease. There is a cloud of contagion over our nurses, doctors, elderly, and frail that still persists two years after it started.

Dr Chant’s knowledge of the characteristic spread and deadly effect of this virus was explained by her patiently and eloquently. Despite mistakes by too trusting staff, the deaths in our State were the result of some warnings going unheeded. But the leadership of these two women was exemplary. Dr Chant has kept the tracking discipline in place and now with vaccines available is keeping the disease suppressed, and deaths from it minimised in NSW.
This work shows the two leaders as they call us to confront risks sensibly to remain safe. Their teams track the virus to identify people and areas in most danger, and need to be helped. The disease killed a Wuhan doctor who warned of the pandemic before he died in December 2019. It contaminated Australia through travellers.

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