Steven Warrior

Taingiwilta ngayirdila ‘strength in the air’

Image of artwork

Highly commended

acrylic on canvas
50.5 x 40.5 cm

Representing the Royal Australian Air Force is the wedge-tailed Eagle. In the centre we have the creation of the RAAF. The journeys above are the spirits of the men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in uniform. The journeys connected below are the coming together of both traditional and modern Air Power with the boomerangs. The white lines on the inside of the Journey represent 1 year of service, a total of 100 representing the centenary of the RAAF. Two meeting places on the left and right represent the men and women who serve. The isolated symbols represent the disconnection experienced by Air Force members sacrificing time with their families, having to relocate for work, training and deployments. The various styled dots in the bottom section represent the diverse cultures within Air Force. On the top section, close and over-lapping dots represent the connectedness of members within the RAAF. The white dots amongst the connected dots are the spirits that walk with us and guide us on our journey.

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