Craig Rohse

Messiah, the Liberator

Image of artwork

digital Chromaluxe metal print
200cm x 120 cm / 7 panels 40 x 30 cm

In 2003 the US-led coalition invaded Iraq under the pretence of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’.

An Australian war veteran, who served our country in Iraq, displays the physical and mental damage he received, of which he is still suffering with today. His wounds bleed crude oil collected in the oil drum below revealing the true motivation of the invasion.

"We pray that his sacrifice is not in vain, but that his spirit will live on in us and in generations to come."

My artwork is in response to the Iraq war and our official efforts to liberate the country from evil and the inconvenient truth that this war was really about oil. I invite you to be critical of the ruling authorities and their decisions to send our young men and women to war.

“We bless you for the dauntless courage of those defenders of our country who have fallen in the cause of truth and righteousness.”
I have chosen to display this work as a Polyptych, which was used by early painters displayed in religious buildings.

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