Mathew Mansell with son Jessie and daughter Bella


Location: Cape Barren Island, old homestead site of his great Uncle Claude.

Soldier relation: 6477 Private Claude Eyre Brown, Great Uncle.

 Mathew Mansell is 42 years old and still lives in the family homestead together with his Mother Margaret on Cape Barren Island. His son Jessie 13 years of age and daughter Bella 11 years of age together often visit the old house of their Great Uncle Claude Eyre Brown. The house now in ruin yet the site still maintains cherished memories of their family history. Mathews father also named Claude, who passed away in 2007 has proudly displayed Claude Eyre Browns portrait, an original copy, with him in uniform from WW I. The frame is a classic design, from that period, with gold colouring. Mathew mentioned that this photograph would pass down to his children someday, and beheld as a beautiful collection piece as it is now. Mathew works as a Truwana Ranger on the island.

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