Tanya Maynard


Location: Flinders Island, Lady Barron southern beaches with Cape Barren Island in the distance.

Creation date: 19/12/2019 (1.36pm)

Soldier relation: 7314 Private James Henry Maynard, Grandfather

 Tanya Maynard 58 year’s old lives at the southern beaches on Flinders Island named Lady Barron, with her partner John Wells. They have a business called Ocean Omega’s that sell skincare products infused with muttonbird oil, our traditional bush medicine. They operate their own muttonbird shed business on Big Dog Island, part of our annual cultural season. Big Dog Island is only a 15-minute boat ride from Lady Barron, Tanya helps with cleaning the birds and other cultural activities. Tanya remembers when she was a young girl her father Noel Maynard talked about his father James Paul Maynard, that he had to serve in the world war as a young man in his teens. Tanya recalls her Grandmother Gussie Maynard speaking about how James was strict with his sons and taught them at a young age of being independent and hard workers.

7314 Private James Henry Maynard, 1916

P00889.014, Photographer: Unknown.

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